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Lightbulb Transfusion

Castle Dracula..
A suicide bombing took place on 26 June 2015 at a Shia mosque in Kuwait..The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility for the attack.. Kuwait's Emir came to the location of the incident minutes after the bombing..Twenty-seven people were killed (18 Kuwaitis, three Iranians, two Indians, one Saudi, one Pakistani and one Bedoon)-227 people were wounded.. Three other Islamist attacks took place on the same day in France, Tunisia, and Somalia.. The attacks followed an audio message released 3 days earlier by ISIS senior leader, Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, encouraging militants everywhere to attack the stated enemies of ISIS during the month of Ramadan..

United Nations – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned the 3 attacks on Kuwait, Tunisia and France..

Lebanon – Prime Minister Tammam Salam strongly condemned the attack as a heinous plot against the national unity of Kuwait..

Libya –The Foreign Ministry of the disputed government describing it as a "plan to plant sectarian sedition and deal a blow to national unity.. This act stems from a veiled intention to implant sectarian sedition and strike the national unity between Sunnis and Shiites in Kuwait"..

Sudan –The Foreign Ministry said of the attack that it targeted unarmed worshipers and targeted the stability and security of the Kuwaiti society..

Wounded soldier given blood plasma Sicily 1943...

A witness said that the bomber entered the last row between the congregants and detonated his device..Another witness, Parliament member Khalil al-Salih, who was in the mosque during the attack, said the same.. He added "The explosion was really hard.. The ceiling and wall got destroyed".. He added that more than 2,000 people were praying there at that time..There's no news, like bad news!..According to local newspapers, the perpetrators were told 20 days before to commit an operation that will "Shake Kuwait up", and let them choose the time and location..The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success...

Calls for blood donations have been made..After receiving sufficient blood, the rest of the donors were told to come back after iftar – the meal eaten after sunset that marks the end of fasting.. According to a Blood Bank supervisor, the bank received 1300 donors by the end of first day..The condolence acceptance was held in Grand Mosque, the country's largest Sunni mosque on Saturday, 27 June..How romantic!. Do you realize how absurd your position is?..No more absurd than starting a war for ratings..Great men have always manipulated the media to save the world..

The first non-direct transfusion was performed on March 27, 1914 by the Belgian doctor Albert Hustin, though this was a diluted solution of blood..., last night, when you said "They're here'.. Uh huh..Well, who did you mean, who's here?..The TV People..The voice source on television - where is it coming from?..

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