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Lightbulb Siege of Tyre

Astronaut Conquistadors ..
1124 July 7 – Tyre falls to the Crusaders..Tyre originally consisted of two distinct urban centers, Tyre itself, which was on an island just off shore, and the associated settlement of Ushu on the adjacent mainland. Alexander the Great connected the island to the mainland by constructing a causeway during his siege of the city, demolishing the old city to reuse its cut stone..Tyre was founded around 2750 BC according to Herodotus and was originally built as a walled city upon the mainland..The commerce of the ancient world was gathered into the warehouses of Tyre..The city of Tyre was particularly known for the production of a rare and extraordinarily expensive sort of purple dye, produced from the murex shellfish, known as Tyrian purple..Tyre was often attacked by Egypt, besieged by Shalmaneser V, who was assisted by the Phoenicians of the mainland, for 5 years..The city was besieged by Nebuchadnezzar II.. Achaemenids conquered the city until Alexander the Great laid siege to the city,conquered and razed it ...

Alien Engineering Technician most strange scene..

It is stated in the Bible that Jesus visited the region of Tyre and Sidon and healed a Gentile (Matthew 15:21; Mark 7:24) and from this region many came forth to hear him preaching (Mark 3:8; Gospel of Luke 6:17, Matthew 11:21–23).. According to Irenaeus of Lyon in Adversus Haereses, the female companion of Simon Magus came from here..After a first failed siege in 1111, it was captured by the Crusaders in 1124, becoming one of the most important cities of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. It was part of the royal domain, although there were also autonomous trading colonies there for the Italian merchant cities.. The city was the site of the archbishop of Tyre, a suffragan of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem; its archbishops often acceded to the Patriarchate. The most notable of the Latin archbishops was the historian William of Tyre..After the reconquest of Acre by Richard the Lionheart on July 12, 1191, the seat of the kingdom moved there, but coronations were held in Tyre. In the 13th century, Tyre was separated from the royal domain as a separate crusader lordship.. In 1291, it was retaken by the Mameluks which then was followed by Ottoman rule before the modern state of Lebanon was declared in 1920...

Tyre was badly damaged in the late 1970s (Operation Litani) and early 1980s (1982 Lebanon War) during the war between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).. During the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict, several rocket-launching sites used by Hezbollah to attack Israel were located in rural areas around the city..At least one village near the city was bombed by Israel, as well as several sites within the city, causing civilian deaths and adding to the food shortage problem inside Tyre.. Israeli naval commandos also raided Hezbollah targets within the city..Today, Tyre is a predominantly Shi'a Muslim city with a small but noticeable Christian community.. However, the city of Tyre is home for more than 60,000 Palestinian refugees who are mainly Sunni Muslim..A reference to Tyre is made in H.P. Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu"..Hiram Abiff, a central figure in the mythology and symbolism of Freemasonry, is said to have hailed from Tyre...

1456 – A retrial verdict acquits Joan of Arc of heresy 25 years after her death/1520 – Spanish conquistadores defeat a larger Aztec army at the Battle of Otumba\1534– European colonization of the Americas/1543 – French troops invade Luxembourg\1575 – Raid of the Redeswire/1585 – The Treaty of Nemours abolishes tolerance to Protestants in France\1770 – The Battle of Larga between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire takes place...,_Lebanon*.html's gonna be dark soon, and they mostly hunt at night.. Mostly..Well, somebody's gonna have to go out there.. Oh yeah, sure!.With those things runnin' around?..

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