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Stones-Sullivan Show 1966..
It was announced that the forces initially to come under General Eisenhower's command were to be the Se7enth United States Army in Germany, the British Army of the Rhine, with 2nd Infantry Division & 7th Armoured Divisions, to be bolstered by 11th Armoured Division and a further infantry division..Belgium became the host nation for both NATO's political headquarters and SHAPE.. General Lyman Lemnitzer, SACEUR at the time, had hoped that SHAPE could be located near to NATO Headquarters, as had been the case in Paris, but the Belgian authorities decided that SHAPE should be located at least 50 kilometres from Brussels, NATO’s new location, because SHAPE was a major wartime military target.. The Belgian government offered Camp Casteau, a 2 km² Belgian Army summer training camp near Mons, which was an area in serious need of additional economic investment.. In September 1966, NATO agreed that Belgium should host SHAPE at Casteau.. SHAPE closed its facility at Rocquencourt near Paris on 30 March 1967, and the next day held a ceremony to mark the opening of the new headquarters at Casteau..

The greater coat of arms of SHAPE..

The name Casteau comes from the Latin word castellum, meaning Castle..Casteau was already known in neolithic times.. A Roman cemetery from the times of Marcus Aurelius has been discovered..1914: August 22nd, Captain Hornby was reputed to have become the first British soldier to kill a German soldier using his sword, and Drummer Edward Thomas of C squadron, Royal Dragoon Guards was the first British soldier to fire a shot in the first skirmish between British and German troops of WW1..The village is located between the towns of Mons and Soignies on the road Mons-Brussel.. The river Aubrecheuil flows through the village..Postal code-7061-Area: 11,11 km²(4,3 square miles)

1966 September 11 - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island- 80th US Womens Tennis: M Esther Bueno-Fraiser beats N Richey (63 61)- 86th US Mens Tennis: Fred Stolle beats John Newcombe (46 12-10 63 64)- Johnny Miller becomes 1st Yank to hit a HR on his 1st at bat - Mickey Wright wins LPGA Pacific Ladies' Golf Classic- Rolling Stones perform on Ed Sullivan Show... you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?.I've never seen so many men wasted so badley..When they fall they make more noise..When you hear a strange sound, drop to the ground...

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