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Arrow Pax Syriana

Syrian anti-tank teams deployed French-made MILAN ATGMs..
Pax Syriana (Lat., "Syrian Peace") is a historiographical term, modeled after the original phrase Pax Romana, used in the study of international relations in Western Asia, usually pertaining to efforts by Syria to influence its neighbors, particularly Lebanon.. The idea behind Pax Syriana is that Syria, through diplomacy and military strength, could secure peace in Lebanon..An earlier reference was published in Time magazine in 1976, referring to Syrian efforts to impose a truce during the early years of the Lebanese Civil War (15 years and 6 months)..On July 4, 1986, Syrian troops entered West Beirut for the first time since being expelled during the 1982 Israeli invasion.. Approximately 500 Syrian troops, working with the Lebanese Army and police, cleared roadblocks, closed militia offices, and collected weapons.. In mid-February 1987, however, a new round of fighting broke out in West Beirut, this time between Druze and Shia militias, both of which were regarded as Syrian allies.. The combat was described by witnesses as being of unrivaled intensity in twelve years of war, with the militiamen using formations of Soviet-made T-54 tanks that Syria had supplied to both sides. Five days of combat caused an estimated 700 casualties and set much of West Beirut aflame..Syria acted decisively to stop the chaos in West Beirut, and it seized the opportunity to reimpose its hegemony over the areas in Lebanon from which it had been evicted by Israel in 1982...

Syriana Islamic School scene..

The 17th Reserve Division is a formation of the Syrian Army responsible for Northeastern Syria..The division's 93rd Brigade left Idlib to secure Al-Raqqah Governorate in early 2012..In July 2014 ISIL captured the division's and 93rd's Brigade headquarters..During the Syrian Civil War, Idlib was the focus of protests and fighting in the early years of the war..The Idlib Regional Museum in the city contains over 17,000 of the Ebla tablets and serves as Idlib's main tourist attraction, excluding the nearby ancient site of Ebla itself..The tablets were discovered just where they had fallen when their wooden shelves burned in the final conflagration of "Palace G"...Service uniforms for Syrian officers generally follow the British Army style, although army combat clothing follows the Soviet model... Syrian "Tiger Forces" gave a message saying he was sure of victory over the rebels... cast of characters in order of their appearance..Look for this one under 'P' for phantom..Past and present are about to collide head-on in a very special bivouac area known as the Twilight Zone...
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