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Lightbulb Runehead

Original theatrical poster..
Jarhead is a Gulf War memoir by author Anthony Swofford..In 1989, Swoff attends U.S. Marine Corps training before being stationed at Camp Pendleton.. Claiming that he joined the military because "he got lost on the way to college", Swofford finds his time at Camp Pendleton difficult, and struggles to make friends. While Swofford feigns illness to avoid his responsibilities, a "lifer", Marine Staff Sergeant Sykes, takes note of his potential and orders Swofford to attend his Scout Sniper course.. Eager for combat, the Marines find themselves bored with remedial training, constant drills, and a routine monotony that feeds their boredom, and prompts them to talk about the unfaithful girlfriends and wives waiting for them at home..Later, Operation Desert Storm begins and the Marines are sent to the Saudi Arabia-Kuwait border..Swofford and Troy are finally given a sniping mission..Running time 123 minutes-Release dates November 4 (United States) 5 (Germany) 2005...

Jarhead 'the dear hunter' scene..

A United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper (MOS 0317, formerly 8541) is a secondary MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) designator of U.S. Marine Corps infantrymen and reconnaissance Marines that have graduated from a U.S. Marine Corps Scout Sniper School.. Scout Snipers must earn the rank of Lance Corporal, be selected by their battalion to join the scout-sniper platoon, and complete an approved scout-sniper course in order to receive this designation..A USMC Scout Sniper is a Marine, highly skilled in fieldcraft and marksmanship, who can deliver long-range precision fire on selected targets, from concealed positions..After graduating the basic course, Marines are given the opportunity to obtain a variety of other courses to further refine their skills..In February 2012, U.S. media reported that Marine scout snipers had been using the double Sig rune (ϟϟ, "SS") in its "Armanen" form (Runic "ᛋᛋ")...

Buncefield fire 10 minutes after the explosion as seen from Hunters Oak..

December 6 – An Iranian C-130 Hercules airplane crashes into a ten-storey building in a civilian area of Tehran, the capital of Iran, killing all 94 people aboard and 34 residents of the building (128 total)– David Cameron is elected Leader of the Conservative Party, defeating David Davis-Several villagers are shot dead during protests in Dongzhou, China/7- Rigoberto Alpizar on American Airlines Flight 924 who allegedly claimed to have a bomb, is shot and killed by a team of US federal air marshals at Miami International Airport– The European Union TLD .eu is launched, and replaces Initially this will be only for business purposes- U.S. debut of the of two-part TV biopic miniseries "Pope John Paul II" on CBS\9- "Brokeback Mountain" is released/10 – Harold Pinter wins the Nobel Prize in Literature\11 – The Cronulla riots occur in Sydney, Australia, involving up to 5,000 youths– Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal fire/12 – Scientists announce that they have created mice with small amounts of human brain cells in an effort to make realistic models of neurological disorders\14 – Shakidor Dam fails in Pakistan due to heavy rain/15- Introduction of the F-22 Raptor into USAF active service-Atlantic Power Outage began - Latvia amends its constitution to eliminate possibility of same-sex couples being entitled to marry- Argentina's president Néstor Kirchner announces the early repayment of its external debt to the IMF\16 – The 43rd Mersenne prime is found/17 - Anti-WTO protesters riot in Wan Chai, Hong Kong\18 – The Chadian Civil War (2005–10) begins/19 – The Civil Partnership Act 2004 comes into force, granting same-sex couples similar legal rights to those of married heterosexuals\20 – Aleksandër Moisiu University is founded in Durrës, Albania - The first same sex civil partnerships in Scotland are celebrated-NY City's Transport Workers Union Local 100 goes on strike/22– Tony Blair makes a surprise visit to British forces in Iraq\23 – Chad declares war on Sudan, following a December 18 attack on Adre, which left about 100 people dead- Azerbaijan Airlines Flight 217 from Baku, Azerbaijan, to Aktau, Kazakhstan crashes shortly after takeoff killing 23 people/26 - Boxing Day shooting on a busy shopping street in Toronto\28 - U.S. immigration judge orders John Demjanjuk deported to Ukraine for crimes against humanity committed during World War II/30- Tropical Storm Zeta forms in the open Atlantic Ocean, tying the record for the latest tropical cyclone ever to form in the North Atlantic basin\31 – Another second is added, 23:59:60, called a leap second, to end the year 2005... Victor, you're a dear..Forgive me, but I'm forced to take unusual precautions..The bodies we use in our dissecting room for lecture purposes were not perfect enough for his experiments, he said.. He wished us to supply him with other bodies and we were not to be too particular as to where and how we got them..I told him that his demands were unreasonable..And so he left the University to work unhampered..He found what he needed elsewhere...

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