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Arrow Abbey

Although relations between Crowley and May were always cool, Raoul participated enthusiastically in the magical rituals and studies that Crowley set. May took part only reluctantly in order not to be ejected from the Abbey and separated from Raoul. She did spend some time on her own with Crowley.. They sometimes went rock-climbing, which was almost the only time they were on friendly terms..

The Apache is the sore of Paris..

According to Tiger Woman, on one occasion May was exploring the Abbey when she came across a chest containing men's ties which were stiff from what she took to be dried blood.. She asked Crowley about it and he claimed that they were the ties of Jack the Ripper who had worn a new one before each murder and who he had known and was still alive..Crowley claimed that the Ripper was a surgeon and a magician who had learned to make himself invisible..Crowley also believed that he could make himself invisible through magic.., Bravo.. An extraordinary performance.. And thank you for detaining my victim..That's the way I earned my commission in the Majarajah's Fifth Pinsent Brigade...

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