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Arrow Society of Heaven and Earth

Fu Manchu Candidate..
Most of the Hung lodges operated individually but all were united in the cause to overthrow the Manchu Dynasty.. Some of the lodges were tied into a ‘headquarters branch’ or ‘master lodge’.. In the Hung Lodge a definite hierarchal structure existed.. The major officers consisted of three, the Leader, Incense Master and Vanguard.. Under these we have a further five, each being the head of a key section. In Chinese mysticism the numbers 5(as in the five sections) and 8 (as in the number of officers) had great significance...

The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Marr & Duffy ..

The ‘Hung Ritual’, as described in The Hung Society or The Society of Heaven and Earth, by J S M Ward and W C Stirling, gives us an insight into a portion of the Hung ritual.. It is acknowledged by Stirling that this is not the complete ritual.. The ritual is described as a journey through the Underworld to Heaven.He was informed that he must not have differences with the members for four years, nor break the ‘36 Rules’ of the Society.. The candidate was dressed in a white coat and trousers, having the right arm, shoulder and breast bare and wearing a pair of grass sandals.. In China, white is the colour of mourning and typifies a person who has led a pure and good life whilst on earth.. Symbolically, the candidate was deemed dead and about to enter on a long journey through the spirit realms.. On entering a lodge, he did so under crossed swords, referred to as ‘Crossing the Bridge’, signifying that he had progressed in his Mystical journey of crossing the Bridge from the Isle of the Blest to the Market Place of Universal Peace...

Triangular seal of the hiung society+Flags of the 5 founders..

When gold was discovered in Australia, it heralded a great influx of many thousands of Chinese, mainly from the 13 counties around Canton. The Chinese called the Australian goldfields ‘Tsin Chin Shan’, meaning ‘The New Goldfields’..Let us now look at the rise of the Yee Hing and the birth of the Chinese Masonic Society.. The Chinese, when they came to Australia, were very patriotic to the homeland and maintained close links. One of the ways to maintain these links was to establish secret societies..The combined Chinese Masonic Societies in Australasia decided to have their own official newspaper. This came to fruition in 1921 when the Chinese World’s News commenced circulation. The Grand Master of the Chinese Masonic Society, James Chuey, approached Jue Yin Tin to become the editor of the paper.

Chinese arriving in the Atherton area camped at Piebald Creek and their huts were mainly constructed from corn straw..The Yee Hing Secret Society flourished in both Atherton and Herberton.. By 1909 they had built their own hall in Chinatown Atherton..Chinese immigration to New Zealand commenced in 1865. The majority came from the Guangdong Province and headed for the goldfields of Otago and the west coast.

There are analogies to Freemasonry found in the Hung Ritual. We may wonder, therefore, when we read the Hung Ritual, why there is no reference to the square and compasses. One reason could be that the square relates to matter, and in the Hung Ritual it depicts the journey of the spirit through the underworld..From the Hung Society, or the Society of Heaven and Earth, we have seen the evolution of a Secret Society to become known as the ‘Chinese Masonic Society’ or ‘Chinese Freemasonry’, and by the Chinese name of Chee Kung Tong.

China opened Shanghai to foreigners in 1845. Brethren from Royal Sussex and Zetland Lodges were transferred to this port. They and other Masons in Shanghai were interested in forming a lodge..Scottish Freemasonry came to China by way of Lodge Cosmopolitan No 428, which was consecrated on 28 December 1864 in Shanghai. The consecration ceremony was carried out within an English Constitution lodge..On 16 February 1962 the Master of Lodge Cosmopolitan wrote to the Grand Secretary as follows:Even during these last years, when the activities of the lodge were declining rapidly, we always did our best to keep up the moral qualities and the special reputation of this well named ‘Cosmopolitan Lodge’ for, till recently, its membership of 21 Bro was represented by 11 nationalities..Freemasonry in Shanghai in the 1860s was booming. Trade was running at an unprecedented level and the ships of many countries were plying their trade.. The American trade was predominant and at the consecration of Lodge Cosmopolitan No 428 SC, the largest proportion of petitioners from a single country was American..On 11 May 1868, Lodge Confucius was constituted. The eight petitioners were a merchant, a lawyer, a mechanic, and 5 ocean-going captains. An interesting development in the history of the lodge occurred in November 1868, and is explained in the following letter sent from the District Grand Secretary (English Constitution).

16 Rue Cadet..

On 1 July 1997 the former British colony of Hong Kong was absorbed into China and reverted back to Chinese rule. I have been most fortunate in obtaining information from the District Grand Secretary of the District Grand Lodge of Hong Kong and the Far East, WBro P J Nunn, PAGDC, and most of the following information comes from that source..The English District has 16 lodges, with a total membership of 1300.. However, only 400 of these are domiciled in Hong Kong, and approximately half of these are local Chinese brethren.. The percentage of local Chinese membership is increasing...

The Hung Ritual...


Isn’t it strange..

That princes and kings,

And clowns that caper..

In sawdust rings,

And common people..

Like you and me

Are builders for eternity?.

Each is given a bag of tools,

A shapeless mass,

A book of rules;

And each must make –

Ere life is flown –

A stumbling block..

Or a stepping stone...'m very happy you are working with me!.And we're together again.. Listen, I forgot to mention... He's not alone..There's five of 'em..5?.Yeah, five of 'em...

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