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Arrow Flight 712

Jane Harrison, GC..
BOAC Flight 712 (callsign Speedbird 712) was a British Overseas Airways Corporation service operated by a Boeing 707-465 from London Heathrow Airport bound for Sydney via Zurich and Singapore.. On Monday 8 April 1968, it suffered an engine failure on takeoff that quickly led to a major fire.. The engine fell off the aircraft in flight. After the aircraft had made a successful emergency landing, confusion over checklists and distractions from the presence of a check captain contributed to the deaths of 5 of the 127 on board..The aircraft was carrying 116 passengers and 11 crew..One of the survivors was the pop singer Mark Wynter, who was travelling to Australia for his wedding to Janeece Corlass..Another notable survivor was Katriel Katz, Israeli Ambassador to the Soviet Union..

The burning 707–465..

Flight 712 took off from Heathrow at 15:27 GMT (16:27 BST), 12 minutes later than scheduled. Flight 712 had 127 people aboard, including a crew augmented by the addition of an acting flight officer, John Hutchinson, and a check captain for routine performance review of the pilot in command, Captain Taylor.. As well as the passengers, the aircraft was carrying baggage, mail and a radioactive isotope from the Isotope Production Unit at Harwell destined for the University Hospital in Jerusalem..On 8 April 1968 Harrison was rostered at her own request to work BOAC Flight 712 Whiskey Echo long-haul to Sydney, Australia, via Zurich, Tel Aviv, Tehran, Bombay (now Mumbai), Singapore and Perth.. The reason she gave to fellow 712 stewardess Rosalind Unwin was that she had been invited to a wedding in Sydney, but it is possible that her real reason was her wish to see a Qantas airline pilot she had met 3 months before, whom she had talked about to close friends...

Barbara Jane Harrison GC (24 May 1945 – 8 April 1968), typically known as Jane Harrison,was a British air stewardess. She is one of four women to have been awarded the George Cross for heroism, and is the only woman to be awarded the medal for gallantry in peacetime (the other three female George Cross recipients served with the Special Operations Executive in occupied France during the Second World War)..Jane Harrison was aged 22 when she died. She is buried in Fulford Cemetery in York..A plaque in memory of Harrison was unveiled on 23 October 1970.. The Barbara Harrison Prize was established in 1968 by the Royal Air Force Institute of Aviation Medicine... Individual has not started living fully until they can rise above the narrow confines of individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of humanity.. Every person must decide at some point, whether they will walk in light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness...
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