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Theatrical Release..
The 88th Regiment of Foot (Connaught Rangers) ("the Devil's Own") was an infantry Regiment of the British Army, one of 8 Irish regiments raised and garrisoned in Ireland..The 88th Foot embarked in late 1806 on ships to take part in the secret attack on Buenos Aires..On D-Day, "C" Squadron of the regiment landed on Juno Beach with the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division..The Inns of Court Regiment (ICR) was a British Army regiment which existed under that name between May 1932 and May 1961..In 1972, 8-year-old Francis "Frankie" McGuire sees his father gunned down due to his Irish republican sympathies.. In September 1992, the grown-up Frankie and 3 other I.R.A. gunmen are involved in a shootout in Belfast..Release dates March 26, 1997 (USA)..France 11 September 2009 (Deauville American Film Festival)...

Devil's Own Ambush..

The film was involved in adverse publicity when, two months before her death, Diana, Princess of Wales took 15-year-old Prince William, and 12-year-old Prince Harry, to see the movie.. The movie was restricted to movie-goers aged 15 or older, and the Princess persuaded the cinema to let Prince Harry stay despite him being 3 years underage.. She was criticised for flouting the law and because of the movie's subject matter (which was said to glamorise the IRA – highly sensitive given that her sons' great-uncle Earl Mountbatten was assassinated by the IRA)..While the Princess was on her way to a private viewing in Manhattan of 75 of her dresses, which are to be auctioned for charity, she issued her statement, in which said she had been "unaware" of the film's content..A spokeswoman for the Princess declined to say whether she had been in contact with Prince Charles over the row...

1992-September 1 – In Beijing, police arrest Shen Tong for his role in organizing the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 - NYC police commisioner Brown resigns/2 – An EQ in Nicaragua kills at least 116 people- US dollar valued at 156.50 guilder (record)\11 – Hurricane Iniki hits the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai and Oahu/16 – Black Wednesday: The pound sterling and the Italian lira are forced out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism- "Les Miserables," opens at Nuevo Apolo, Madrid- 900 die in flood in Pakistan\21 – Mexico establishes diplomatic relations with Vatican City, ending a break that lasted over 130 years/23-A large Provisional Irish Republican Army bomb destroys the forensic laboratories in Belfast-Operation Julin is the last nuclear test conducted by the United States at the Nevada Test Site- Mud storm kills 30 in South France\24- David Mellor resigns as Heritage Minister amid tabloid press speculation that he had been conducting an adulterous affair with actress Antonia de Sancha/25- China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor, PRC- "Barry Manilow's Showstoppers" opens at Paramount NYC - Opening Main-Donau canal (North Sea-Black Sea)- US Mars Observer launched from Space shuttle- Gregory Kingsley, 12, wins right to divorce his parents & live with his foster parents\26- Tsuruhiko Kiuchi discovers comet Swift-Tuttle- Roseanne Barr Arnold gets a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame/27 - ASPCA stops Santeria ceremony in Bronx halts sacrifice of 42 animals - Military transport plane crashes in Lagos, Nigeria killing 163\28 – Law enforcement officials in the United States, Colombia, and Italy announce that they have arrested more than 165 people on money laundering charges related to cocaine trafficking- "Barry Manilow's Showstoppers" closes at Paramount Theater NYC- "Dog City" cartoon debuts on Fox-TV- Pakistani Airbus A-300 crashes into mountain at Kathmandu, 167 die/30 - Mariel Hemmingway appears nude on TV show Civil Wars- The Royal Mint introduces a new 10-pence coin which is lighter and smaller than the previous coin... do you like your hero?. Over easy or sunny side up?..Andrew.. sure and tell was only a bloody game..There's nothing like a little bit of mayhem to cheer one up...
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