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Lightbulb Vaccinia

In this episode, Mulder and Scully discover evidence of a secret government experimentation with alien DNA, but the evidence and everyone who has seen it are quickly targeted for elimination..

Vaccinia virus (VACV or VV) is a large, complex, enveloped virus belonging to the poxvirus family.. It has a linear, double-stranded DNA genome approximately 190 kbp in length, and which encodes approximately 250 genes. The dimensions of the virion are roughly 360 × 270 × 250 nm, with a mass of approximately 5-10 fg..

Vaccinia virus is closely related to the virus that causes cowpox; historically the two were often considered to be one and the same.. The precise origin of vaccinia virus is unknown due to the lack of record-keeping as the virus was repeatedly cultivated and passaged in research laboratories for many decades.. The most common notion is that vaccinia virus, cowpox virus, and variola virus (the causative agent of smallpox) were all derived from a common ancestral virus.. There is also speculation that vaccinia virus was originally isolated from horses...

ACAM2000 is a smallpox vaccine developed by Acambis. It was approved for use in the United States by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on 31 August 2007. It contains live vaccinia virus, cloned from the same strain used in an earlier vaccine, Dryvax. While the Dryvax virus was cultured in the skin of calves and freeze-dried, ACAM2000s virus is cultured in kidney epithelial cells (Vero cells) from an African green monkey..The vaccine is not routinely available to the US public; it is, however, used in the military and maintained in the Strategic National Stockpile..Okay, Mulder, but I'm warning you: if this is monkey pee, you're on your own...

In Ardis, Maryland, a high-speed police chase unfolds at a waterfront. The driver of the car, Dr. William Secare, is cornered by officers but fights them off with surprising ease.. Secare is shot as he runs up a gangplank and leaps off a ship into the water. The police fail to locate him but discover that his blood is green.. That night, Berube is confronted by the "Crew Cut Man" , who kills him and makes the death look like a suicide..Carpenter reveals that the "Purity Control" flask contains a sample of bacteria that doesn't exist anywhere in nature and can only be described as extraterrestrial..Erlenmeyer flasks are also used in microbiology for the preparation of microbial cultures...

Uccle is the site of the Belgian national weather station, the Royal Meteorological Institute: any information on Belgian weather, unless region specific, is described by the statistics recorded in Uccle.Right next door is the Royal Observatory of Belgium..Uccle Cemetery, also known as Dieweg Cemetery, was created following a cholera epidemics that afflicted Brussels in 1866.. Its mixture of trees and old stones exudes a unique romantic atmosphere. Although burials ended in 1958, the grave of Hergé, the creator of Tintin who died in 1983, can be found here..Popular Mechanics rates Nemo 33 as one of the top 18 strangest pools in the world..Historical descriptions of cholera are found as early as the 5th century BC in Sanskrit..Berube graduated from medical school in 1974, which would have been the perfect time for him to be recruited by the nascent vaccination project begun early that same year..Cadair Berwyn and Cyrniau Nod to the west are the two Marilyns that form the Berwyn range..1486 Marilyn (1938 QA) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on August 23, 1938 by the Belgian astronomer Eugène Delporte at Uccle...’ve got plenty to do without chasing down your vague leads or trying to decode your circular logic..Roswell was a smoke screen, we've had half a dozen better salvage operations...

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