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Question Mission: Impossible

Graves Self Destruct message...
The leader of the IMF is initially Dan Briggs, played by Steven Hill.. As an Orthodox Jew, Hill had to leave on Fridays at 4 p.m. to be home before sundown and was not available until after dark the next day. Although his contract allowed for filming interruptions due to religious observances, the clause proved difficult to work around due to the production schedule and as the season progressed, an increasing number of episodes featured little of Dan Briggs.. Hill had other problems as well.. After cooperatively crawling through dirt tunnels and repeatedly climbing a rope ladder in the episode "Snowball in Hell," in the following episode ("Action!") he balked at climbing a stairway with railings and locked himself in his dressing room...

On occasion, the IMF also mounts unsanctioned, private missions on behalf of its members..

Cinnamon Carter’s role as an IMF agent was that of "femme fatale" and "woman in distress.." In her IMF dossier, she was noted as being a successful model and the dossier scenes during her 3 seasons showed at least 3 different magazine covers that she was featured on.. It was never explained how a famous international cover model failed to be recognized as such during a mission.. Carter was often used to play on the vanities of powerful men to get them to lower their defenses.. Frequently, she would play the role of a beautiful American woman on the make to draw the subject in.. On occasion, she would play a woman in distress to distract someone.. Carter rarely adopted elaborate disguises.. for them an alien came through that door instead of her husband..The long finger of tragic coincidence, stretching across a billion miles of space...

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