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Lightbulb It's A Gift

Theatrical poster..
Concerns the trials and tribulations of a grocery store owner as he battles a shrewish wife, an incompetent assistant, and assorted annoying children, customers, and salesmen.. It was directed by Norman McLeod, who had directed Fields in his cameo as Humpty Dumpty in Alice in Wonderland..Release dates November 17, 1934..

W.C. Fields - Blind Man with Cane ..

November 2 - Babe Ruth tours Tokyo, Japan – Edmond James de Rothschild, French philanthropist (b. 1845) Died -Waning Crescent Moon/6 –Born Barton Myers, American/Canadian architect-New Moon\9 –Born Carl Sagan, American astronomer and writer (d. 1996)/12 – Born Charles Manson, American cult leader and criminal-Waxing crescent Visible: 32% Age: 6 days\13 – John Gowans, General of The Salvation Army (d. 2012)/15- Nobel for chemistry awarded to Harold C Urey (deuterium)\16 –Alice Liddell, English inspiration for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (b. 1852) Died/17 – Born Jim Inhofe, United States Senator-Waxing Gibbous Visible: 85% Age: 11 days\21-Full moon Visible: 100%-Age: 15 days/22- "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town" 1st heard on Eddie Cantor's show\ 23 – An Anglo-Ethiopian boundary commission in the Ogaden discovers an Italian garrison at Walwal, which lays well within Ethiopian territory.. This encounter leads to the Abyssinia Crisis– Born Lew Hoad, Australian tennis champion (d. 1994)/24- CFL Grey Cup: Sarnia beats Regina, 20-12 at Toronto\27– Daniel Salamanca Urey, President of Bolivia, is deposed in a military coup and replaced by José Luis Tejada Sorzano-Born Ammo Baba, Assyrian soccer player (d. 2009)-Gilbert Strang, American mathematician –Baby Face Nelson, American gangster (b. 1908) Died-Waning Gibbous Visible: 66% Age: 21 days/28- Winston Churchill tells British Premier Stanley Baldwin not to under estimate German air power\29 - Marriage of Prince George, Duke of Kent, to Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, the first this century, and last, foreign-born princess to marry into the British royal family; the wedding is the first to be broadcast live on radio/30-Last Quarter Moon Visible: 38%-Age: 23 days...'m tried of playing second fiddle to Rothschild, Laurenti and Monte Cristo! From now on when we meet, I want THEM to take their hats off first!..
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