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Lightbulb Always the Sun

You know its not unlike the politicians and the leaders..

when they do things by halves...
Could Japan survive without nuclear power? The short answer to that question is yes.

Japan has been surviving surprisingly well without nuclear power for the last four years. Following the Fukushima disaster in March 2011 all of Japan's 48 other nuclear reactors were shut down. The predicted blackouts did not happen, the country kept running just fine..

Japan is a mountainous island nation with a sunny climate and lots of active volcanoes. In other words there are lots of potential ways to generate renewable energy - hydro, wind, tidal, solar and, the big one, geothermal..

It's all great news, except it has all suddenly ground to a halt..

At the end of last year Japan's big power companies began telling solar producers they could take no more electricity from them. At the same time the government dropped the price utilities would have to pay for electricity from new solar to 27 Yen per kilowatt..

Suddenly the calculus for building more solar has been put in serious doubt..Many Japanese are still firmly opposed to a return to nuclear dependency...

No-one is suggesting a conspiracy.. But the timing is significant..

Radioactive waste typically comprises a number of radionuclides: unstable configurations of elements that decay, emitting ionizing radiation which can be harmful to humans and the environment. Those isotopes emit different types and levels of radiation, which last for different periods of time..

Who gets the job?.Of pushing the knob..That's what responsibility you draw straws for if you're mad enough...

Could the world survive without nuclear power?.The short answer to that question is yes..., my dear pupil, went for my material to the source of life..I should like to think that an irate Jehovah was pointing those arrows of lightning directly at my head...

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