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Arrow Sausage & Egg Banjo Square

Rab C. Nesbitt Dole Office ..

The lorne sausage, also known as a square sausage or a flat sausage is a traditional Scottish food usually made from ground meat and rusk. It is commonplace in traditional Scottish breakfasts and is said to originate in Lorne, Argyll.. The "square sausage" or "sausage patty" is a popular item on Canadian fast food breakfast sandwiches.. It is sometimes maple flavoured and served with eggs on an English muffin. This particular method of serving is popular at Canadian breakfast cafes like Tim Hortons and others..

Looking west towards Falkirk along the A803 through Laurieston...

This raft foam barrier helps reduce the number of reflux episodes and provides longer lasting action against "heartburn" than ordinary antacid products...,_Falkirk Nebuxanezzar.. Personal management of the world's leading international terrorcists.. So you think you can secure for us the services of this man Lacrobat, Mister?..

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