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Post planet earth is owned by the jesuit order

Originally Posted by greatestiam View Post
Should politicians take a back seat to our oligarch owners?

Which party will provide the American and Canadian leadership and stop de-civilization of our countries with redistribution of wealth?

Who has the older and wiser philosophy and heart to reverse current de-humanizing trends?

If we are all to be owned by oligarchs, should we not make them debate publicly so that we can know their real philosophy instead of listening to their bought and paid for politicians?

Should we ask our owners to take center stage and move their political talking heads right off the stage?

planet earth is owned by the jesuit order which use there front group the bavarian illuminati to continue there council of trents counter reformation.

the jesuit order was banned by pope clemete xiv in july 1773 in all catolic land across the planet so they came up with the bavarian illuminati in 1776 which united the black nobillity who manage the bavarian illuminati on behalf the the jesuit general adolfo nicolás pachón who is from the aldobranidini family.

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