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Durbar Square is the generic name used to describe plazas and areas opposite the old royal palaces in Nepal.. It consists of temples, idols, open courts, water fountains and more.. Before the Unification of Nepal, Nepal consisted of small kingdoms, and Durbar Squares are most prominent remnants of those old kingdoms in Nepal.. In particular, 3 Durbar Squares in the Kathmandu Valley, belonging to the 3 Newar kingdoms situated there before unification, are most famous: Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square.. All three are UNESCO World Heritage Sites...

The Kathmandu Durbar Square held the palaces of the Malla and Shah kings who ruled over the city.. Along with these palaces, the square surrounds quadrangles revealing courtyards and temples.. It is known as Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square, a name derived from a statue of Hanuman, the monkey devotee of Lord Ram, at the entrance of the palace..Patan Durbar Square is situated at the centre of Lalitpur city.. It is 1 of the 3 Durbar Squares in the Kathmandu Valley,.Patan is one of the oldest known Buddhist City.. It is a center of both Hinduism and Buddhism with 136 bahals or courtyards and 55 major temples..Most of these structures are in the vicinity of the Durbar Square..Bhaktapur Durbar Square is the plaza in front of the royal palace of the old Bhaktapur Kingdom, 1400m above sea level...

55 Window Palace: Built in the 15th century, is the dominating architectural structure in the square..

The Vatsala temple is known for its dog-barking bell which is believed to produce a darth knell when it is rung..

Erotic elephants temple — On the left just before the entrance way to the square is a hiti (water tank).. A few steps before that but on the other side of the road, just 100m before the entrance way, is a tiny double-roofed Shiva-Parvati temple with some erotic carvings on its struts. One of these shows a pair of copulating elephants, in the missionary position: Kisi (elephant) Kamasutra..You know the lads had this ridiculous idea th..Yeah, it was me...

The Durbar square at Bhaktapur was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1934 and hence appears more spacious than the others, in Kathmandu and Patan..Durbar (Persian: دربار‎ - darbār) is a Persian term meaning the Shah's noble court or a formal meeting where the Shah held all discussions regarding the state.. It was later used in India and Nepal for a ruler's court or feudal levy as the latter came to be ruled and later administered by Persians and Perso-Turcomen rulers.. A durbar may be either a feudal state council for administering the affairs of a princely state, or a purely ceremonial gathering, as in the time of the British Empire in India..

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