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OH What a Bunker..
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"Oh What a Circus" is a song from the 1976 musical Evita, with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice.. The song is the first song after the introductory "Requiem for Evita" from the musical, as Ché (the narrator) critically ponders the life of Eva Perón and the reaction to her darth, finally coming to the conclusion "She did nothing for years"..The Salve Regina, also known as the Hail Holy Queen, is a Marian hymn and one of 4 Marian antiphons sung at different seasons within the Christian liturgical calendar of the Roman Catholic Church. The Salve Regina is traditionally sung at Compline in the time from the Saturday before Trinity Sunday until the Friday before the first Sunday of Advent.. The Hail Holy Queen is also the final prayer of the Rosary..'s a mole, right at the top of the Circus. And he's been there for years. She had information concerning a double agent..What she told me was sensational...

How They Met Themselves..
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A lot of what you post up here is disputed in the "Grey Wolf" book which suggests that Hitler's hired double, Gustav Weber carried out his role to the bitter end in the bunker, along with an Eva double, meanwhile Adolph, Eva and the dog Blondi were en route to Argentina via U-Boat where they lived happily ever after ( along with several thousand other Nazis of varying ranks) until 1962 courtesy of the Fascist and gold greedy Eva Peron and the contented acquiescence of Churchill, Hoover, Roosevelt and Stalin. The bone remains discovered from the grave in the Berlin bunker Chancellory gardens have never been successfully identified as those of Adolph Hitler or Eva Braun...
Sounds interesting, do you have any more info on the eva double..
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