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Arrow Storm King Mountain

The Shadow Magazine..Sabotage..
He learns to "cloud men's minds," a form of mystical, psychic hypnosis that allows him to influence others' thoughts and bend their perceptions so he cannot be seen, except for his shadow (since light itself cannot be deceived), hence his new alias..He operates as The Shadow, a vigilante who terrorizes the underworld.. Citizens who are saved by The Shadow are recruited to be his agents, providing him with informants and specialists..In print, The Shadow's real name is Kent Allard, and he was a famed aviator who fought for the French during World War I.. He became known by the alias the Black Eagle..Release dates July 1, 1994...

The Curry of Doom..

July 1-Moon Last quarter Visible: 44% Age: 23 days/2 – USAir Flight 1016, a Douglas DC-9-31 on approach in heavy rain to Charlotte/Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, crashes, the victim of a microburst..37 of the 57 people aboard die, and 15 of the 20 survivors are injured-Waning crescent\12 – A Royal Air Force C-130 Hercules flies the 10,000th UN relief flight into Sarajevo, Yugoslavia-Waxing crescent/19 – Alas Chiricanas Flight 00901, an Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante, explodes shortly after departing Enrique Adolfo Jiménez Airport in Colón, Panama, killing all 21 people on board.. Investigators determine that a suicide bomber probably brought the plane down, perhaps to kill 12 Jews who were aboard.. A group named Ansar Allah ("Followers of God") claims responsibility, but is later found not to exist, and the bombing remains unsolved-Waxing Gibbous\29- India army kills 27 Muslim militants-(Megan's Law) -Parliamentary election in Aruba-Last quarter/30- Record 103.8°F (39.9°C) in Preschen Lausitz Germany-Last quarter\31 - Netherlands' warmest July since 1783 - average 21.4°C- 102.7°F (39.3°C) in Pleschen, East-Germany - Stockholm averages 21.5°C; the warmest July since 1855- UN votes 12-0 (2 abstentions) to authorize use of force against Haiti-Last quarter Visible 41% Age: 23 days..

Since the early days of settlement, the Highlands had long been a major obstacle to travel between Cornwall and the communities to its south..It remains a well-used commuter route for employees of the United States Military Academy who live in Cornwall..Due to hazards of rockfall as well as avalanches and falling ice, the road is closed by the state Department of Transportation during periods of heavy rain or snow... was something at work in my soul which I do not understand..Slight trace waves in the brain perhaps..And what of my soul?. Do I have one?. Or was that a part you left out?...

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