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Lightbulb Two Lovers in the Moon

No-one ever gets out alive..
Originally, Born in Captivity was released as a collectors item on Harper's Hardup label. 830 copies were made and sold quickly to Harper's fans. Demand was such that the record was reissued in 1985 on the Awareness Records label..The album's cover shows Harper behind bars, the numbers "120641" represent his date of birth(12 June 1941) and the "No.006" is a reference to Patrick McGoohans character, "Number Six", in the British, 1960s TV programme, The Prisoner..Released 1984...

Panoramic view of the central piazza, Portmeirion Village..

January 10 – A Balkan Bulgarian Airlines Tupolev Tu-134 strikes a power line and crashes on approach to Sofia Airport in Sofia, Bulgaria, in heavy snow, killing all 50 people on board-US and the Vatican (Holy Sea) restore full diplomatic relations- Clara Peller 1st asks, "Where's the Beef?"/February 16-Iraqi Air Force aircraft raid the Iranian port of Bushehr, badly damaging the Liberian cargo ship Al Tariq with missile hits-Iran launches a major helicopter- and waterborne assault against Iraqi forces in the Hawizeh Marshes\March 22 – A fire breaks out aboard Pacific Western Airlines Flight 501, a Boeing 737-235 with 119 people on board, during its takeoff roll at Calgary International Airport at Calgary, Alberta, Canada, after a faulty compressor disk breaks apart and pierces a fuel tank. Its pilot aborts the take off and all aboard evacuate the aircraft without fatalities, although 27 people are injured,5 seriously.. The airliner is badly damaged/April 25 –Iraqi Air Force missile attack against the 357,000-gross-ton Saudi oil tanker Safina-al-Arab, carrying 340,000 tons of Iranian crude oil in the Persian Gulf south of Kharg Island. A missile blows a large hole in the ship‍ '​s side and ignites a fire which burns for 2 days and consumes 10,000 tons of oil - USSR performs nuclear test\May 16– Two Iranian F-4 Phantom II fighter-bombrs circle the 215,000-gross-ton Saudi oil tanker Yanbu Pride, carrying 120,000 tons of Saudi crude oil in the Persian Gulf within Saudi Arabia‍ '​s territorial waters near the port of Jubail, to identify her, then fire 5 rockets at her- US performs nuclear Test/ June 16 – Frontier Airlines pilot Emily & co-pilot Barbara make history by directing the first all-female commercial airline crew, on a flight from Denver, Colorado, to Lexington, Kentucky-22- Virgin Atlantic Airways, begins services from London, England, to North America, using Boeing 747s-Canadian entertainment company, Cirque du Soleil is founded-24 – Iraqi Air Force attacks Kharg Island, damaging oil facilities at Sea Island on the western side of the island. One missile strikes the 152,000-gross-ton Greek oil tanker Alexander the Great, which is fully loaded with Iranian oil, penetrating an oil tank but failing to X-plode\July 5 – Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force jets hit the Japanese-owned Liberian-registered supertanker Primrose with 2 rockets in the Persian Gulf.. Primrose suffers no important damage and continues her voyage at full speed... shadows of the dead, I’m not to blame for your cruel and bitter fate, but the accursed rivalry which brought sister nations and brother people, to fight one another...
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