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Lightbulb Navel

Belly Dance 1001 Nights..
The umbilicus is used to visually separate the abdomen into quadrants.. The navel is the center of the circle enclosing the spread-eagle figure in Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man drawing.. The navel is rarely the focus in contemporary art and literature..While the West was relatively resistant to midriff-baring clothing until the 1980s, it has long been a fashion with Indian women.. The Japanese have long had a special regard for the navel.. During the early Jomon period in northern Japan, three small balls indicating the breasts and navel were pasted onto flat clay objects to represent the female body.. The navel was exaggerated in size, informed by the belief that the navel symbolizes the center of where life begins...

Arabian Nights 1974...

The parathyroid glands are small endocrine glands in the neck of humans and other tetrapods that produce parathyroid hormone.. Humans usually have 4 parathyroid glands variably located on the back of the thyroid gland, although considerable variation exists.. Parathyroid hormone and calcitonin (one of the hormones made by the thyroid gland) have key roles in regulating the amount of calcium in the blood and within the bones..Each gland is a yellowish-brown flat ovoid that resembles a lentil seed..Each parathyroid vein drains into the superior and, middle and inferior thyroid veins.. The superior and middle thyroid veins drain into the jugular vein, and the inferior thyroid vein drains into the brachiocephalic vein..Parathyroid development is regulated by a number of genes, including those coding for several transcription factors..The parathyroid glands were first discovered in the Indian Rhinoceros by Richard Owen in 1852..Fish do not possess parathyroid glands, however several species have been found to express parathyroid hormone..It has been suggested that the tetrapod glands may have been evolutionarily derived from these fish gills...

Dogū (土偶)-(meaning "clay figures") are small humanoid and animal figurines made during the late Jōmon period (14,000–400 BC) of prehistoric Japan..Most of the Dogū have been found in eastern Japan and it is rare to find one in western Japan..The very long-approximately 14,000 years-Jōmon period is conventionally divided into a number of phases: Incipient, Initial, Early, Middle, Late and Final, with the phases getting progressively shorter..Genetic mapping studies have shown a pattern of genetic expansion from the area of the Sea of Japan towards the rest of eastern Asia..These studies also suggest that the Jōmon demographic expansion may have reached America along a path following the Pacific coast..

Nav is a village in Badakhshan Province in north-eastern Afghanistan..Nav-e Pain ( ناوپائين‎,)is a village in Kharajgil Rural District, Asalem District, Talesh County, Gilan Province, Iran..Nav (Navi) is the immaterial world, the world of the dead.. Stars, which are the souls of the dead, as well as Svarga and Irij, are parts of Nav..Navigation is a field of study that focuses on the process of monitoring and controlling the movement of a craft or vehicle from one place to another...

Sarvangāsana is nicknamed "queen" or "mother" of all the asanas.. do not deny that what happened to us is a thing worth laughing at.. But it is not worth telling, for not everyone is sufficiently intelligent to be able to see things from the right point of view...
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