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Obelisk of Thutmosis III..
The obelisk was first set up by Thutmose III (1479–1425 BC) to the south of the se7enth pylon of the great temple of Karnak..The Obelisk of Theodosius is of red granite from Aswan and was originally 30m tall, like the Lateran Obelisk..Thutmose III reigned from 1479 BC to 1425 BC according to the Low Chronology of Ancient Egypt.. This has been the conventional Egyptian chronology in academic circles since the 1960s, though in some circles the older dates 1504 BC to 1450 BC are preferred from the High Chronology of Egypt..The day of Thutmose III's accession is known to be I Shemu day 4,and astronomical observations can be used to establish the exact dates of the beginning and end of the king's reign (assuming the low chronology) from April 24, 1479 BC to March 11, 1425 BC respectively...

Four Faces..

"Though formerly I opposed resistance, I was ordered to obey the serene masters and to carry their palm, once the tyrants had been overcome.. All things yield to Theodosius and to his everlasting descendants.. This is true of me too - I was mastered and overcome in 3 times ten days and raised towards the upper air, under governor Proculus"...

Each of its 4 faces has a single central column of inscription, celebrating Thutmose III's victory on the banks of the river Euphrates in 1450 BC... seem to recall some mention of an obsession you have about your divinity.. Isis, isn't it?..There are never enough hours in the days of a queen, and her nights have too many...

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