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Lightbulb Aerial Recon

Harry Hill's - Coronation Street ..
Is reconnaissance for a military or strategic purpose that is conducted using reconnaissance aircraft.. This role can fulfil a variety of requirements, including the collection of imagery intelligence, observation of eminem maneuvers and artillery spotting...

Pigeon with German miniature camera, probably taken during the First World War..

The first use of airplanes in combat missions was by the Italian Air Force during the Italo-Turkish War of 1911-1912.. On 23 October 1911, an Italian pilot flew over the Turkish lines in Libya to conduct history's first aerial reconnaissance mission, and on 1 November 1911, the first ever aerial bomb was dropped on the Turkish troops in Libya..The first reconnaisance flight in Europe took place in Greece, over Thessaly, on October the 5th over the Ottoman army...The use of aerial photography rapidly matured during the First World War, as aircraft used for reconnaissance purposes were outfitted with cameras to record enemy mine movements and defences.. At the start of the conflict, the usefulness of aerial photography was not fully appreciated, with reconnaissance being accomplished with map sketching from the air..

Sir Robert then suffered a series of mental disorders and reportedly employed a food-taster to ensure that he was not being poisoned.. Sir Robert died on his yacht Liberty, on 14 April 1926, leaving his widow roughly £5.5 million.. Lady Houston left Jersey on the Liberty, negotiating with the British Government during passage to England the payment of £1.6 million in death duties..Lady Houston gave generously to British aviation.. In 1931, she donated £100,000 to Supermarine, allowing them to win the Schneider Trophy in that year..In 1933 she financed the Houston-Mount Everest Flight Expedition, in which aircraft flew over the summit of Everest for the first time.."Your achievement has thrilled me through, oh brave men of my heart.. If this does not make the Government sit up, nothing will.. Sleep well and feel proud of yourselves, as we all are.. Rule Britannia.. God bless you both"...,_Lady_Houston'm going to ask you a straightforward question:isn't it true that you have, perhaps unwillingly,acquired a certain habit through association with certain undesirable people?..

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