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Ex-con and expert safe-cracker Gary "Gal" Dove has served his time behind bars and blissfully retired to a Spanish villa with his beloved ex–porn star wife DeeDee .. He also has the company of longtime friend Aitch and his wife Jackie.. Their idyllic life is shattered by the arrival of an old criminal associate, sociopath Don Logan , who is intent on enlisting Gal in a bank heist back in London..Running time 88 minutes-Release dates 13 September 2000..

Olympic firework display Sydney Harbour Bridge...

September – Ford unveils its all-new second generation Mondeo large family car, which is due on sale towards the end of this year\5 – Tuvalu joins the UN-Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry makes its maiden voyage/6 – The last wholly Swedish-owned arms manufacturer, Bofors, is sold to American arms manufacturer United Defense – World leaders attend the Millennium Summit at U.N. Headquarters\7–14 – The UK fuel protests take place, with refineries blockaded, and supply to the country's network of petrol stations halted – Rage Against the Machine's Tim Commerford is arrested for climbing on the set at MTV's Video Music Awards after his band lost the award for Best Rock Video to Limp Bizkit.. Britney Spears performed her hit single "Oops!..I Did It Again"-Eminem & Aaliyah wins/ 8 -Albania officially joins the WTO-United Nations Millennium Declaration is made in New York\10 - The musical Cats closes on Broadway/12- Holland passes law allowing same-gender marriage, adoption and divorce\13 – Steve Jobs introduces the public beta of Mac OS X for US$29.95– The first Latin Grammy Awards are held/15–October 1 – The 2000 Summer Olympics are held in Sydney, Australia-GB competes and wins 11 gold, 10 silver and 7 bronze medals\16 -Ukrainian journalist Georgiy Gongadze is last seen alive; this day is taken as the commemoration date of his death-Peru's president Alberto Fujimori calls for new elections...

After storming away in a rage, Logan boards a plane back to London, only to be kicked off for refusing to put out his cigarette.. Seething with hatred, Logan returns to Gal's home with ominous intentions, smashing a glass beer bottle into his former friend's ear... world is not more transparent now, it's more opaque!. It's in the shadows.. That's where we must do battle..And please return the equipment in one piece...

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