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Arrow Skeletor Barracks

Fritz Steals the Brain (1931) HD ..
After the end of World War II was East Westphalia-Lippe stationing an important space for the units of the British Army of the Rhine.. Close proximity to Rödinghausen inter alia, the garrisons of the British 1st Armoured Division were ( headquarters in Herford ) and the 2nd British Armoured Division (Headquarters in Luebbecke ).. Rödinghausen was therefore favorable location as a barracks for logistics units and command support units, although Rödinghausen could have been no military infrastructure that could be taken over by the defunct Armed Forces.. By 1952, therefore, the Birdwood Barracks were on a 27 acre site near the railway wages Rheine- built from scratch.. However, many of the soldiers lived in close frets, ironically, mostly in the immediate vicinity of the site of the Soviet Military Liaison Mission ( SOXMIS ) in the British zone..The Allied troops were significantly reduced in East Westphalia and regrouped.. The Birdwood Barracks were therefore abandoned...

Schedule of today's industrial area..

After 1993, the building of barracks were completely removed and disposed of contaminated sites on the approximately 27-acre site.. The municipality Rödinghausen developed the area into a commercial and industrial area. For this, the infrastructure (roads, sewers, etc.) was completely recreated or restored the remaining structure. Meanwhile, on the former barracks medium and smaller companies have settled.. The largest of these is the HellMann meat KG, which operates a logistics center here..

Zu den in Ostkilver stationierten Einheiten gehörten:

2nd Division Signals Regiment: Fernmelderegiment der britischen Panzerdivision..

2nd Divisional Transport Column RASC: Transporteinheit der britischen Panzerdivision, RASC (Royal Army Service Corps, Nachschubtruppe)..

1st Armoured Division Transport Regiment RCT: Transportregiment der britischen Panzerdivision, RCT (Royal Corps of Transport), ab 1984 aus der Münsteraner Dennis Barracks nach Rödinghausen verlegt...

Zeitweilig waren in der Kaserne auch Heeresfliegereinheiten mit Skeeter-Helikoptern stationiert.. is Professor Pretorius.. He used to be Doctor of Philosophy at the university but, uh..But was booted out - booted,my dear Baron, is the word - for knowing too much...

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