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Lightbulb 5 Variants

Of Dives and Lazarus...
Is a work for harp and string orchestra by Ralph Vaughan Williams..The rich man Dives or Diverus makes a feast.. The poor man Lazarus comes to Dives' door and repeatedly begs 'brother Dives' to give him something to eat and drink.. Dives answers that he is not the brother of Lazarus, denies Lazarus food and drink, and sends his servants to whip him and his dogs to bite him.. However, the servants are unable to whip Lazarus, and the dogs lick his sores instead of biting him..As both men die angels fetch Lazarus to heaven, and serpents take Dives to hell.. In version A, Dives asks Lazarus for a drop of water, and complains about his eternal punishment..The other works premiered on that occasion were Arthur Bliss's Piano Concerto in B-flat, and Arnold Bax's Symphony No. 7...

Pyramid Mysteries..

The story of Osiris is nowhere found in a connected form in Egyptian literature, but everywhere, and in texts of all periods, the life, sufferings, death and resurrection of Osiris are accepted as facts universally admitted..This is the story of the sufferings and death of Osiris as told by Plutarch.. Osiris was the god through whose sufferings and death the Egyptian hoped that his body might rise again in some transformed or glorified shape, and to him who had conquered death and had become the king of the other world the Egyptian appealed in prayer for eternal life through his victory and power.. In every funeral inscription known to us, from the pyramid texts down to the roughly written prayers upon coffins of the Roman period, what is done for Osiris is done also for the deceased, the state and condition of Osiris are the state and condition of the deceased; in a word, the deceased is identified with Osiris.. If Osiris liveth for ever, the deceased will live for ever; if Osiris dieth, then will the deceased perish..The Lion's paw grip used by the worshipful master in the 3rd degree ritual to raise the candidate from the dead...

The Laz or Lazi (Laz: ლაზეფე, Lazuri; Turkish: Lazlar; Georgian: ლაზი; ჭანები, Lazebi; Chani) are an Ibero-Caucasian ethnic group native to the Black Sea coastal regions of Turkey and Georgia.. Between the early 2nd century B.C. and the late 2nd century AD, the Kingdom of Colchis together with the neighbor countries, become an arena of long and devastating conflicts between major local powers Rome, Kingdom of Armenia and the short-lived Kingdom of Pontus..Sun gods were particularly popular with the royal house being identified with the Persian god Ahuramazda of the Achaemenid dynasty, both Apollo and Mithras were worshipped by the Kings.. Indeed, the name used by the majority of the Pontic kings was Mithridates which means "given by Mithras".. Pontic culture saw a synthesis between Greek and Iranian elements, though the most Hellenized parts of the Kingdom were surely the coastal regions, already Greek in themselves..I've killed men in 5 countries, never a priest.. Well, then your men did.. The sun god will have his vengeance..What's he waiting for?.The right time to strike... 5 years in solitary confinement are at an end..That depends on how long you want to live..Make the best of what we offer you, and you will suffer less than you deserve...
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