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Arrow Skull and Bones Necropolis

The Stranglers - Ghost Train ..
The London Necropolis Railway was a railway line opened in November 1854 by the London Necropolis Company (LNC), to carry cadavers and mourners between London and the LNC's newly opened Brookwood Cemetery 23 miles (37 km) southwest of London in Brookwood, Surrey. At the time the largest cemetery in the world, Brookwood Cemetery was designed to be large enough to accommodate all the deaths in London for centuries to come, and the LNC hoped to gain a monopoly on London's burial industry.. The cemetery had intentionally been built far enough from London so as never to be affected by urban growth and was dependent on the recently invented railway to connect it to the city..The company failed to gain a monopoly of the burial industry, and the scheme was not as successful as its promoters had hoped.. While they had planned to carry between 10,000 and 50,000 bodies per year, in 1941 after 87 years of operation, only slightly over 200,000 burials had been conducted in Brookwood Cemetery, equalling roughly 2,300 bodies per year...

Skull and crossbones and an expired hourglass, surrounded by a snake eating its own tail...

On the night of 16–17 April 1941, the London terminus was badly damaged in an air raid and rendered unusable.. Although the LNC continued to operate occasional funeral services from Waterloo station to Brookwood railway station immediately north of the cemetery, the London Necropolis Railway was never used again. Soon after the end of the Second World War the surviving parts of the London station were sold as office space, and the rail tracks in the cemetery were removed. The part of the London building which housed the LNC's offices survives today.. The two stations in the cemetery remained open as refreshment kiosks for some years afterwards but were subsequently demolished.. The site of the northern station, serving the Nonconformist cemetery, is now heavily overgrown. The site of the southern, Anglican, station is now the location of a Russian Orthodox monastery and a shrine to King Edward the Martyr, which incorporate the surviving station platform and the former station chapels... and I had scarcely a wink of sleep, for there was a man near us who had some nervous trouble, shell-shock perhaps, which made him cry out 'Pip!' at irregular intervals.. It was a loud, startling noise, something like the toot of a small motor-horn.. You never knew when it was coming, and it was a sure preventer of sleep...he must have kept ten or twenty people awake every night.. He was an example of the kind of thing that prevents one from ever getting enough sleep when men are herded as they are in these lodging houses..As I write, highly civilized human beings are flying overhead, trying to kill me...

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