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Lightbulb Spooky

Spooks (MI5) Diana Conspiracy-Series 36/Season 10 ..
Ruth: Angela believes that Princess Diana was murdered by the British Security Services. By us.. [Jo laughs]..Ha Ho ..
Angela: What's funny?
Jo: Nothing.
Angela: You find that funny?
Jo: No.
Angela: Funny? That your boss was on a committee that ordered the faking of the car accident which killed Diana?..
Harry: Angela, what are you talking about?.
Angela: I'm talking about you being chair of the contingent events committee.
Harry: The what?
Angela: The committee that organized, then ordered the assassination...
Harry: This is madness.
Angela: You can't deny there was such a committee..
Harry: I can. Angela, you must let us help you... British Embassy in Paris denied ever knowing that Diana had arrived in Paris.. But they did..And the night before she arrived at the Ritz, two very high-ranking MI-6 officers arrived at the embassy...

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