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Lightbulb Atomic Ashes

Atomic Energy Commission..
Glamorgan, Mountain Ash, Princess Elizabeth - the present Queen - being made a member of the Gorsedd of Bards August 6, 1946...

August 1- Finance Act receives Royal Assent, including the establishment of the National Land Fund to secure culturally significant property for the nation as a memorial to the dead of World War II-United States Atomic Energy Commission is established-The Fulbright Program, a system of U.S. international educational exchange scholarships, is established- Hungarian forint is introduced in Hungary by the government, ending the world's biggest hyperinflation in the country-The Scandinavian Airlines System is founded as a consortium of the flag carriers of Sweden, Denmark and Norway\3 – Holiday World, originally called Santa Claus Land, opens to the public at Santa Claus, Indiana. It becomes the first themed park, preceding Disneyland by 9 years- Belgian government of Huysmans forms/4 – EQ (magnitude 8.0) hits the northern Dominican Republic, killing 100 and leaving 20,000 homeless\6- Family allowance introduced, a cash benefit paid to mothers-Free milk (⅓ pint daily) provided in UK state schools to all pupils under the age of 18- US officially submits to jurisdiction of World Court/7- 1st coin bearing portrait of Negro authorized\8 - India agrees to give Bhutan 32 sq miles - Dreyfuss family, owners of Pittsburgh Pirates sells club for $25 million- First flight of the Convair B-36./9- Arts Council incorporated by Royal Charter\13 - Britain diverts illegal immigrants bound for Palestine to Cyprus/16-Violence between Muslims and Hindus in Calcutta begins "The Week of the Long Knives" which leaves 3,000 dead- All Hyderabad Trade Union Congress is founded in Secunderabad-Kurdistan Democratic Party is founded in South Kurdistan\17- Arthur Honegger's 3rd Symphony "Liturgique" premieres- George Orwell publishes "Animal Farm" in the UK/18 –Vergarola explosion in Croatia kills 70\23 - Ordinance No. 46 of the British Military Government constitutes the German Land (state) of Schleswig-Holstein/25 – Ben Hogan wins the PGA Championship\31- League football returns, having been suspended during World War II... the habits of Man are evil.. And, above all, no animal must ever tyrannise over his own kind..Weak or strong, clever or simple, we are all brothers..All animals are equal...

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