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Lightbulb Arms Dealers

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes..

Sabaton - Shadows...

I wonder if arms dealers and weapons manufacturers have herod of human rights?

I have noticed a lot of violence in the movies , all the covers appear to have people always holding a gun of some sort..

now why is that ?...

That Fu*king Nobody Is John Wick, Baba Yaga - Epic Scene ..

Departments of Government also operate in the arms industry, buying and selling weapons, munitions and other military items. Products include guns, ammunition, missiles, military aircraft, military vehicles, ships, electronic systems, and more.. The arms industry also conducts significant research and development and provides other logistics and operations support... are you staring at…why don't you say something?.. Who were those riders I passed in the forest?.The white's the day, the gold's the sun and the black's the night, of course...

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