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Hexa is classical Greek for "six". Thus:

"Hexadecimal" combines hexa- with the Latinate decimal to name a number base of 16-A hexagon is a regular polygon with 6 sides - L’Hexagone is a French nickname for the continental part of Metropolitan France..Sex- is a Latin prefix meaning "six"-There are 6 Points on a Star of David..

A hexahedron is a polyhedron with six faces, with a cube being a special case-Hexameter is a poetic form consisting of six feet per line-A "hex nut" is a nut with six sides, and a hex bolt has a six-sided head-A standard guitar has 6 strings-There are 6 whole tones in an octave- 6 semitones in a tritone-Mishnah consists of 6 orders-The cells of a beehive are 6-sided-The sixfold symmetry of snowflakes arises from the hexagonal crystal structure of ordinary ice... course we make our choice every 12 months..Every citizen has a choice..A game of chess, my dear..I don't play..You should learn..We're all pawns, my dear...

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