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Smile University of Perugia

One of the "free" universities of Italy, it was erected into a studium generale on September 8, 1308, by the Bull "Super specula" of Clement V...By Bull of August 1, 1318, John XXII granted the privilege of conferring degrees in civil and canon law, and on February 18, 1321, in medicine and arts..a free hostel It was for impecunious strangers who wished to study law and medicine.. Suppressed by the French in 1798, it was reopened in 1807 by Pius VII as the Collegio Pio.. In the Constitution of August 27, 1824, Leo XII made this the chief college of the university... you see, way back then, uh, Sicilians were like, uh, wops from Northern Italy.. Ah, they all had blonde hair and blue eyes, but, uh, well, then the Moors moved in there, and uh, well, they changed the whole country..They did so much fuckin' with Sicilian women, huh?. That they changed the whole bloodline forever...

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