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Lightbulb SkullSpotting

First edition..
Heroin addicts Mark Renton and Daniel "Spud" Murphy are running down Edinburgh's Princes Street pursued by store security guards. Renton's circle of friends are introduced: amoral con artist Simon "Sick Boy" Williamson (also an addict), simple-minded, good-natured Daniel "Spud" Murphy, clean-cut athlete Tommy MacKenzie, and psychopath Francis "Franco" Begbie, who picks extremely violent fights with people who get in his way..Renton decides to quit heroin and buys opium rectal suppositories from dealer Mikey Forrester to ease the transition.. After this final hit (and a violent spell of diarrhea caused by cessation of heroin) he locks himself into a cheap hotel room to endure withdrawal.. He later goes with his friends to a club, finding that his sex drive has returned, and eventually leaves with a young woman named Diane.. In the morning, he realises that Diane is a 15-year-old schoolgirl and that her "flatmates" are actually her parents.. Horrified, Renton tries to shake the incident, but is forced to remain in touch after Diane blackmails him...Running time 93 minutes-Feb 1– United States – Cajon Pass, San Bernardino County, California freight train carrying hazardous materials derailed due to failed brakes, killing two crewmen, injuring the engineer, and shutting down Interstate 15 due to a cloud of noxious fumes-16 – Silver Spring train collision Maryland collides with outbound Amtrak train left 3 crew and 8 passengers dead,the rest are killed by smoke and flames, the fire which may have been ignited by oil pot switch heaters-Release dates 23 February 1996...

It's Purrfect night - it's day..

24 – Cuban fighter jets shoot down 2 American aircraft belonging to the Cuban exile group, Brothers to the Rescue.. Cuban officials assert that they invaded Cuban airspace - The last occurrence of a leap day in the EU and for the Roman Catholic Church- Meg Mallon wins LPGA Cup o' Noodles Hawaiian Ladies Golf Open/25 – Two suicide bombs in Israel kill 25 and injure 80; Hamas claims responsibility- "Father" closes at Criterion Theater NYC after 52 perfs\26-First quarter Moon Visible: 53% Age: 8 days/27 – Pokémon Red and Green is released in Japan as the first game in the world famous Pokémon series\28 – Canadian singer Alanis Morissette wins the top honor, Album of the Year award, at the 38th Annual Grammy Awards.. She is the youngest person to ever win this award, a record she will hold until 2010-The Princess of Wales agrees to give The Prince of Wales a divorce, more than 3 years after separating-Sandra Gregory, a British teacher, is sentenced to 25 years in prison in Thailand for drug smuggling,3 years after her arrest at Bangkok airport..Her co-accused, Robert Lock, is cleared of the same charge and returns home-I wish I had stayed in Thailand..At least in Lard Yao she was "happy" as she could see the blue sky and the green trees in the prison garden/29- In Lumberton, North Carolina, Daniel Green is convicted of the murder of James Jordan, the father of basketball star Michael Jordan-Faucett Flight 251 en route from Lima to Rodriguez Ballon airport crashes into a mountain near Arequipa; all 123 people on board are killed-At least 81 people drown when a boat capsizes 120 kilometres east of Kampala, Uganda-The Bosnian government declares the end of the Siege of Sarajevo- Soyuz TM-23, lands...,they were given to her by the killer..It follows that he must be someone with money..What about the Jews?. A Jew butcher?.Or a Jew tailor might have mooney..Plenty of them in Whitechapel..Sir, for the sake of public safety in general..l'd like to be careful about spreading the rumour it might be a Jew..But be certain you don't proceed without poof.. Is that clear?..Of course, sir..But the sooner you find this butcher or tailor,the sooner we can all celebrate your promotion...

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