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Arrow Agni

Deva Agni...
In Hindu scriptures, Agni is the God of Fire, and is present in many phases of life such as honouring of a birth (diva lamp), prayers (diva lamp), at weddings (the yajna where the bride and groom circle the fire se7en times) and at death (cremation)...

Gilli Smyth - Shakti Yoni/Keep the Children Free/Prostitute poem..

Angira (अङ्गिरा) – Angiras, son of Bharata, himself became Agni whom he surpassed when Agni began to practise penance,
Dakshinagni (दक्षिणाग्नि) - consecrated fire taken from the house-hold fire and placed in the south side,
Gārhapatya (गार्हपत्य) – the perpetual house-hold fire,
Āhavaniya (आहवनीय) – consecrated fire taken from the house-hold fire and placed in the east side,
Nirmanthya (निर्मन्थ्य) – fire produced by friction,
Vaidyuta (वैद्युत) – lightening,
Śūra (शूर) – powerful mighty fire,
Samvarta (संवर्त) – the fire that destroys,
Laukika (लौकिक) – the classical fire, belonging to the world of men,
Jathar (जठर) – the old or ancient fire, the fire pertaining to the stomach,
Vishaghā (विषघा) – the entwining fire,
Havya-vāhan (हव्य-वाहन) – the bearer of oblations,
Kshemāvān (क्षेमावान्) – the secure, tranquil fire,
Vaishnava (वैष्णव) – the fire relating to Vishnu,
Dasyuhan (दस्युहन्) – the fire who is the destroyer of the dasyus,
Balād (बलाद्) -15°12'44" north of the equator and 51°12'6" east of the Prime Meridian..
Śānta (शान्त) – the calm, peaceful, serene fire,
Pushta (पुष्ट) – the ever-equipped, protected fire,
Vibhāvasu (विभावसु) – the fire which is one of the 8 vasus
Jotishmata (ज्योतिष्मत) – the luminous, pure, brilliant fire,
Bharat (भरत) – the fire who is the priest, maintained,
Bhadra (भद्र) – the great, auspicious fire,
Swistikrt (सवस्तिकृत्) – the fire causing welfare or prosperity,
Vasumaya (वसुमय) – the fire consisting of wealth or of good things
Ritu (ऋतु) – the fire of light, splendor,
Soma (सोम) – the fire which is nector, ethereal,
Pitryāna (पितृयाण) – the conveyor of virtuous persons to heaven..

In the Vedas, Agni, Vayu and Soma or 'fire' (light and heat), 'air' (energy and action) and 'water', which are 3 of the 5 tanmatras born from the 3 heated worlds, are the principal deities; Agni brings the subject and the object together and establishes a relation between the two (sambandha); Vāyu causes that relation to evolve (abhidheya), and whose activity Soma directs converting forms into pleasure that consciousness enjoys (prayojna).. These 3 shaktis are involved in all material and spiritual vedic rituals.. Agni, Vayu and Jala are 3 of the 3-fold 8 fundamental qualities of intelligence i.e. 8 in terms of the value of consciousness, 8 in terms of the devata quality of consciousness and 8 in terms of the chhandas quality of consciousness... works for every one else.. We can't do without any one.. Even Epsilons are useful.. We couldn't do without Epsilons.. Every one works for everyone else.. We can't do without any one..
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