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Sunday, October 22, 1989 Jacob Wetterling (11) was abducted by a masked gunman while cycling home in the dark with his brother Trevor (10) and friend Aaron (11) after going to rent a video from a convenience store a 10-minute ride away from his home in St. Joseph, Minnesota..His whereabouts are unknown..In early 2009, the Milwaukee Police Department discovered child pornography and an alleged video of Wetterling taken before the abduction in the home of Vernon Seitz, 62, of the St. Francis, Wisconsin, area.. Seitz had died in his house, but officers asked for additional assistance after the pornography was discovered. Along with the child pornography, articles involving missing children and maps of the cities from whose children had disappeared were found in Seitz's home.. It also emerged that Seitz himself had been abducted and tortured in 1959, and family said he was thus concerned for Wetterling from personal history..On June 30, 2010, investigators with search warrants descended upon a farm near the abduction site.. "Items of interest" were found and hauled away in 6 truckloads of dirt from the site to search for evidence..Between the summer of 1986 and the spring of 1987, 5 teen boys were attacked..

Fat Man and Little Boy Movie CLIP...

The Polly Klaas Foundation is a 501(c) public charity organization devoted to preventing crimes against children, assisting in the recovery of missing children, and lobbying for legislative assistance.. The foundation was formed October 23, 1993 to search for Polly Klaas.. Its executive director is Robert De Leo.. It has expanded its mission and now searches for many missing children...

Melissa Brannen (5) disappeared from the Woodside Apartments in Lorton, Virginia, while attending a party held at the complex for its residents..Hughes's wife Carol was key in the investigation.. She reported his arrival home from work several hours later than usual and extra mileage on the vehicle that could not be explained. He explained it as a side trip he took to purchase a 6-pack of beer and then he took a longer route home.The story of her disappearance was told on The FBI Files in the 6th episode of the first season..

Fibers were extracted from the front seat of the vehicle.. The victim had been reported as wearing a Big Bird dress that had been purchased from J.C. Penney.. An identical dress was obtained by investigators and its fibers were compared with those found on the seat.. A match was found.. Also found were some hairs from a rare rabbit fur coat of Tammy's that she wore at the party.. This allegedly proved that the victim was probably in the passenger's seat that evening..FBI Files No. of seasons 7... conversations, Mrs. Rainwood, mean nothing..I told you that..We ran everything..We paid off cops.. We paid off lawyers.. We paid off judges.. Everybody had their hands out...

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