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Arrow Fury

The Fury Symphonic Suite ..

Peter Sandza , a former CIA agent, is searching for his son Robin, who was kidnapped by a secret intelligence organization inside the CIA led by Ben Childress.. This organization kidnaps psychics to turn them into weapons in the service of the United States government.. To better control the psychics, they also kill their families.. Peter survived the attempt on his life, but his son believes he was killed by Arab terrorists.. After that they begin to systematically experiment with him to increase his powers and develop ability to control them, and these experiments make him progressively more mentally unstable..In the meantime, a teenage girl, Gillian Bellaver, discovers that she possesses psychic powers, including telekinesis and ESP, and that their uncontrolled manifestations are harming people who touch or provoke her... JUst that name just came into my head.. I donĀ“t know..So what was the real answer?..Paul-Henri Spaak of Belgium..Oh, yes!. PauI-Henri Spaak..I had to Ieave the hotel in a hurry..OK, next..The 5 impermanent members of the UN Security Council are the United States, Russia...

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