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Le Cid Original poster from 1885..
On the belief that the Ripper must not have begun his "career" with a full-fledged mutilation-murder, or even a murder at all, it has been put forth that Ada Wilson, a sempstress living at 19 Maidman Street, Mile End, might have been a victim of one of the Ripper's early attacks..On March 28, 1888, while home alone at 19 Maidman Street, Wilson answered a knock at the door to find a man of about 30 years of age, 5ft 6ins in height, with a sunburnt face and a fair moustache.. He was wearing a dark coat, light trousers and a wideawake hat.. The man forced his way into the room and demanded money, and when she refused he stabbed her twice in the throat and ran, leaving her for dead. It is reported that nearby neighbours almost captured the man, but he found his escape..Luckily for her, Ada Wilson survived the attack and lived to relate the story to the authorities.

There are 4 main reasons why this murder could be attributed to the Ripper.. First is the description of the attacker, which fits many witness accounts of the Ripper.. Next is the use of a knife as a weapon, as well as the throat being the target of his fury.. Finally, the term "seamstress", as Mrs. Wilson described herself, was a common term used by prostitutes for matters of self-description..Of course, the fact that money was demanded and robbery seems the motive weighs heavily on this theory, as the Ripper is not known primarily as a robbery-motivated murderer..Still, the description of the man as well as his relative MO works well with behaviorists who claim the Ripper must have begun his atrocities on a small scale before "graduating" up to full-fledged mutilation.. It must be remembered, however, that her inclusion as a possible Ripper victim is recent, and authorities at the time of the murders made no link between her attack and those of the Ripper...

Ada, the old friend of Liz from Brussels..

Although most people believe Mary Kelly was actually killed, there are some who believe that it was not Mary's body.. However, the body was in such a bad shape, it was almost impossible to positivly ID the body.. In the movie, Ada is a French girl who dates Elizabeth Stride..The Ripper mistakes her for Mary and kills her..The available evidence about Ada Wilson tells us a little about her, that she was a young woman in 1888 and was living at the time of the attack at 19 Maidman Street, Mile End..Firstly, I had a look at the address and its residents from two sources i.e. the census data for 1881 and 1891.. In the 1881 census return No 19 Maidman Street is listed as uninhabited.. In 1891 there were only two residents listed at this address - a Metropolitan police officer and his wife..George E Schulz aged 29 born Prussia (British Subject) - Metropolitan policeman ..Fanny R Schulz aged 27 born Milford, South Wales ...

Ada is a feminine given name.. One source indicates it originates from a Germanic word meaning "nobility".. It can also be a short form of names such as Adelaide and Adeline.. The name also traces to Hebrew origin, sometimes spelt Adah - עָדָה, meaning "adornment"..Ada Lovelace is considered by some as the first computer programmer..St. Ada was also the name of an early saint and of several medieval queens and princesses..Adeline is a feminine given name meaning 'noble' or 'nobility'.. It is of French origins and is a diminutive Adèle..Adelaide is the English form of a Germanic given name, from the Old High German Adalheidis, meaning "noble natured"...

Ada Ellen Bayly (March 25, 1857 – February 8, 1903), a.k.a. Edna Lyall, was an English novelist..Bayly never married and she seems to have spent her adult life living with her two married sisters and her brother, a clergyman in Bosbury in Herefordshire..Ada Sara Adler (18 February 1878, Frederiksberg – 28 December 1946, Copenhagen) was a Danish classical scholar and librarian..She is best known for her critical, standard edition of the Suda, which she published in 5 volumes..During World War II, she was evacuated to Sweden with other Danish Jews... afternoon, ladies..We understand they were both friends of you ladies..Don't know nothing..Why are you bothering us?.You ought to bother McQueen..What makes you think McQueen did this?..Maybe we could go with the papers..The papers are always desperate..If we go to the papers,they might hurt Ann even worse...

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