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Lightbulb Clan Ell

Fortiter et recte..

Sidney Elliott - Little Boy Blue Issued on CBS in the UK in 1971..Convent-educated Sharon, whose father, Jamaican-born Sydney Elliott, was a reggae singer, was determined to go to stage school...

Sharon is pictured in 1984 after being crowned carnival queen..

The origins of the Eliotts is surrounded in obscurity.. The Eliotts suddenly appear as a distinct clan with a chief in the late 15th century.. The lack of information is believed to be due to the destruction of their old castle at Stobs in a fire in 1712.. All of the family documents, with one exception were lost in the fire..There are two different versions of the Elliot tartan available today.. The modern version makes use of the stronger, modern chemical dyes and therefore result in a brigher, bolder colour.. On this one, the dark stripes appear almost black, and the blue is almost a sapphire blue..Border Reivers were raiders along the Anglo–Scottish border from the late 13th century to the beginning of the 17th century.. Their ranks consisted of both Scottish and English families, and they raided the entire border country without regard to their victims' nationality..Their heyday was perhaps in the last hundred years of their existence, during the time of the Stewart Kings in Scotland and the Tudor Dynasty in England.. began to chant "Lesbos! Lesbos! Lesbos!" The words merged into a vague howl before suddenly starting up again, rising into the air, filling the plain beyond, resounding in the dense foliage of the tall surrounding trees and echoing in the distance as if aimed at the sun itself..
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