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Berner Street, April 1909..The cartwheel indicates the entrance to Dutfield's Yard...
Elizabeth Stride was the daughter of a Swedish farmer, Gustaf Ericsson, and his wife Beata Carlsdotter, and was born Elisabeth Gustafsdotter in the parish of Torslanda, west of Gothenburg, Sweden, on 27 November 1843...

From Hell Soundtrack - A Sprig of Red Grapes..

The Hughes brothers spent a great deal of time and effort towards recreating Whitechapel and the various murder scenes.. The work certainly paid off, as From Hell can certainly claim to have the most authentic sets ever designed for a Ripper movie.. From the recreation of Christ Church, to the Ten Bells to the depiction of everyday life in Whitechapel, most everything was spot-on. One scene in particular was hauntingly accurate, where Mary and several fellow Whitechaplians are asleep, held up by a single rope threaded beneath their arms.. Doss-houses in Whitechapel were often so overcrowded that there really was no room for beds - the poor would pay a slight fee for the privilege of sleeping leaning over a common rope..The murder scenes were generally quite accurate, apart from Mary Kelly's room which was a bit larger and had the bed facing the wrong wall.. Apart from such trifles, however, the scenery as a whole was very true-to-life..

Although hundreds of letters were indeed sent to the press and police claiming to be from Jack the Ripper, historians today believe that few if any of them actually came from the killer.. One in particular that may have been real is the "From Hell" letter, which enclosed a piece of human kidney.. In the film, Abberline is given this letter and kidney before the double murders of Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes - but its Eddowes' kidney that the killer is allegedly sending through the post! So unless live-kidney-extraction was a particularly-enjoyed pastime of poor Kate's, the timing was a bit off in the film...

It was suggested that the killer would need more than "one type of knife" to carry out his murders.. This is not historically accurate, and is probably derived from a surgeon's report on the body of Martha Tabram.. He reported that all but one of her stab wounds could have been made with a small knife like a pen-knife, though one could only have been made with a longer one like a bayonet.. No other victims showed any evidence of two different knives being used upon them..

In the aftermath of the murder of Elizabeth Stride, which took place in a dark yard off Berner Street on 30th September 1888, a dubious character named Matthew Packer came forward to claim that he had sold grapes to Elizabeth Stride and a mystery man shortly before her body was discovered a short distance away from his shop, which was located at 44 Berner Street..

In 1888, Berner Street contained a variety of buildings, most notably a row of houses on the east side, broken by Sander Street and Dutfield's Yard which divided Nos.40 and 42. No.40 was the International Working Men's Educational Club, a wooden building that was very old, even by 1888..The Berner Street/Dutfield's Yard area was the first murder site to be redeveloped, being demolished in 1909 to make way for a new school which is today the Harry Gosling Primary School.. Stride's murder site is now part of the playground.. The original 1871 board school opposite was replaced by the Bernhard Baron settlement, a centre for Jewish boys set up by local benefactor Basil Henriques..

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A grocer, Matthew Packer, implied to two private detectives employed by the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, Le Grand and Batchelor, that he had sold some grapes to Stride and the murderer; however, he had told police sergeant Stephen White that he had shut his shop without seeing anything suspicious.. At the inquest, the pathologists stated emphatically that Stride had not held, swallowed or consumed grapes.. They described her stomach contents as "cheese, potatoes and farinaceous powder".. Nevertheless, Packer's story appeared in the press, and private detectives did discover a grape stalk in the yard..

Matthew is a given name that ultimately comes from the Hebrew name Matityahu..The name is also sometimes used as an anglicisation of the Irish name MathĂșin, meaning bear..Compared to fighting a wild bear these wounds are nothing.. So what?. Do only samurai matter in this world?. I thought samurai would be fun but you bore me.. You're useless, even more useless in great numbers..The Matthew 18 process, the Matthew process, and a Matthew 18 process are closely intertwined ideas and practices among some adherents of Christianity, related to a discussion of conflict resolution in Chapter 18 of the Gospel according to Matthew.. 'Matthew' is not known to be in cultivation beyond North America..Matthew may have collected taxes from the Hebrew people for Herod Antipas... the hell?. That's grapes, isn't it?. What the hell would a bangtail be doing with grapes?..Well, maybe it's like Casy says.. A fellow ain't got a soul of his own, just little piece of a big soul, the one big soul that belongs to everybody..I don't understand it, Tom..Me, neither, Ma, but - just somethin' I been thinkin' about...

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