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The coroner at Nichols' inquest, which began on 1 September at the Working Lads' Institute on Whitechapel Road, was Wynne Edwin Baxter.. Inquest testimony as reported in The Times stated:

Five of the teeth were missing, and there was a slight laceration of the tongue.. There was a bruise running along the lower part of the jaw on the right side of the face. That might have been caused by a blow from a fist or pressure from a thumb.. There was a circular bruise on the left side of the face which also might have been inflicted by the pressure of the fingers.. On the left side of the neck, about 1in. below the jaw, there was an incision about 4in. in length, and ran from a point immediately below the ear.. On the same side, but an inch below, and commencing about 1in. in front of it, was a circular incision, which terminated at a point about 3in. below the right jaw.. That incision completely severed all the tissues down to the vertebrae.. The large vessels of the neck on both sides were severed. The incision was about 8in. in length.. The cuts must have been caused by a long-bladed knife, moderately sharp, and used with great violence..

No blood was found on the breast, either of the body or the clothes.. There were no injuries about the body until just about the lower part of the abdomen.. Two or three inches from the left side was a wound running in a jagged manner.. The wound was a very deep one, and the tissues were cut through.. There were several incisions running across the abdomen.. There were three or four similar cuts running downwards, on the right side, all of which had been caused by a knife which had been used violently and downwards. The injuries were from left to right and might have been done by a left-handed person.. All the injuries had been caused by the same instrument..

The wakizashi being worn together with the katana was the official sign that the wearer was a samurai or swordsman of feudal Japan.. When worn together the pair of swords were called daishō, which translates literally as "big-little"..The katana was the big or long sword and the wakizashi the companion sword... is convenient, but only for rulers.. The people must live to serve..It's magnificent.. With darth comes gratitude for life.. If a man has lived in vain, then how trivial his life is...
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