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The "samurai" preparing the kidnapped and drugged woman for dismemberment..
Michael Ellis DeBakey (September 7, 1908 – July 11, 2008) was a world-renowned American cardiac surgeon, innovator, scientist, medical educator, and international medical statesman.. DeBakey was the chancellor emeritus of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, director of The Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center, and senior attending surgeon of The Methodist Hospital in Houston.. He is known for his work on the treatment of heart patients and for his role in the development of the mobile army surgical hospital..He was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, to Lebanese immigrants Shaker and Raheeja Dabaghi (later Anglicized to DeBakey)..A pioneer in the development of an artificial heart, DeBakey was the first to use an external heart pump successfully in a patient – a left ventricular bypass pump..In the 1960s, DeBakey and his team of surgeons were among the first to record surgeries on film..On December 31, 2005, at age 97, DeBakey suffered an aortic dissection.. Years prior, DeBakey had pioneered the surgical treatment of this condition, creating what is now known as the DeBakey Procedure.. He was hospitalized at The Methodist Hospital..On July 11, 2008, DeBakey died at The Methodist Hospital in Houston at age 99; the cause of death remained unspecified.. DeBakey was preceded in death by his first wife, Diana Cooper DeBakey who died of a heart attack in 1972 and by his sons, Houston lawyer Ernest O. DeBakey, who died in 2004, and Barry E. DeBakey, who died in 2007.. His brother Ernest, an general surgeon in Mobile, Alabama, died in 2006..

Highlights: DeBakey ..

Worldwide, the last MASH unit was deactivated on October 16, 2006. The 212th MASH — based in Miesau Ammo Depot, Germany — was the first U.S. Army hospital established in Iraq in 2003, supporting coalition forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom.. It was the most decorated combat hospital in the U.S. Army, with 28 Campaign streamers on the organizational colors. The 212th MASH's last deployment was to Pakistan to support the 2005 Kashmir earthquake relief operations.. The U.S. State Department bought the MASH's tents and medical equipment, owned by the DoD, and donated the entire hospital to the Pakistani military, a donation worth $4.5 million..The 212th MASH's unit sign now resides at the Army Medical Department's Museum in San Antonio, Texas..The successor to the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital is the Combat Support Hospital..The CSH is larger than its predecessor, the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.. It is commanded by a Colonel, rather than a Lieutenant Colonel...

In the 1880s, in Hawaii, a California physician working at a hospital for lepers injected six girls under the age of 12 with syphilis..In 1895, New York City pediatrician Henry Heiman intentionally infected two mentally disabled boys—one four-year-old and one 16-year old—with gonorrhea as part of a medical experiment..U.S Army doctors in the Philippines infected 5 prisoners with bubonic plague.. In 1906, Professor Richard Strong of Harvard University intentionally infected 24 Filipino prisoners with cholera, which had somehow become contaminated with plague...

In 1908,3 Philadelphia researchers infected dozens of children with tuberculin at the St. Vincent's House orphanage in Philadelphia..In 1909, F. C. Knowles released a study describing how he had deliberately infected 2 children in an orphanage with Molluscum contagiosum after an outbreak in the orphanage, in order to study the disease..In 1941, at the University of Michigan, virologists Thomas Francis, Jonas Salk and other researchers deliberately infected patients at several Michigan mental institutions with the influenza virus by spraying the virus into their nasal passages..

In 1950, in order to conduct a simulation of a biological warfare attack, the U.S. Navy used airplanes to spray large quantities of the bacteria Serratia marcescens – considered harmless at this time – over the city of San Francisco. Numerous citizens contracted pneumonia-like illnesses, and at least one person died as a result..Serratia tests were continued until at least 1969..Also in 1950, Dr. Joseph Stokes of the University of Pennsylvania deliberately infected 200 female prisoners with viral hepatitis..

In 1963, 22 elderly patients at the Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital in Brooklyn, New York were injected with live cancer cells by Chester M. Southam, who in 1952 had done the same to prisoners at the Ohio State Prison, in order to "discover the secret of how healthy bodies fight the invasion of malignant cells"..In 1966, the U.S. Army released the harmless Bacillus globigii into the tunnels of the New York City Subway system, as part of a field study called A Study of the Vulnerability of Subway Passengers in New York City to Covert Attack with Biological Agents..The Chicago subway system was also subject to a similar experiment by the Army..

Nelson Eddy took his own apartment in the opposite building.. MacDonald was again stricken in 1964.. Nelson Eddy was with her when she was admitted to UCLA Medical Center, where on Christmas Eve she was operated on for abdominal adhesions.. She was able to go home for New Year's, but in mid-January husband Raymond flew her back to Houston.. It was hoped that pioneer heart surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey, who had recently operated successfully on the Duke of Windsor, could perform the same miracle for her..She checked in on January 12, and a program of intravenous feedings was begun to build her up for possible surgery. MacDonald died 2 days later on January 14 at 4:32 pm, with her husband at her bedside.. According to press reports, MacDonald's last words to Raymond while he massaged her feet were "I love you".. He replied "I love you, too"; she smiled and succumbed... want knowledge! Not faith, not assumptions, but knowledge..I want God to stretch out His hand, uncover His face and speak to me..We must make an idol of our fear, and call it god...
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