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Arrow Sheba Airlines

Misty Morning-BMW...
Ethiopian Airlines (Amharic: የኢትዮጵያ አየር መንገድ; የኢትዮጵያ? in short), formerly Ethiopian Air Lines (EAL) and often referred to as simply Ethiopian, is Ethiopia '​s flag carrier and is wholly owned by the country's government.. EAL was founded on 21 December 1945 and commenced operations on 8 April 1946, expanding to international flights in 1951.. The firm became a share company in 1965, and changed its name from Ethiopian Air Lines to Ethiopian Airlines. The airline has been a member of the International Air Transport Association since 1959, and of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) since 1968.. Ethiopian is a Star Alliance member since December 2011..After the liberation of Ethiopia, Emperor Haile Selassie I asked the United States, the United Kingdom, and France to help him to establish an airline as part of his modernisation effort.. According to the BBC News it is possible that the Emperor intended the creation of a quality national airline to help dispel impressions of Ethiopian poverty.. In 1945, the Ethiopian government began negotiations with both Transcontinental Air Transport and Western Air Express (later merged into TWA). On 8 September 1945, TWA signed an agreement with the American historian and foreign affairs advisor to Ethiopia John H. Spencer to establish a commercial aviation company in Ethiopia..

Former ruler Mengistu Haile Mariam (R) oversaw the repressions..

Benghazi was briefly served between 7 November 1956 and 15 January 1957.. During 57, a 3rd DC-6B was purchased.. Likewise, that year the airline had been asked to take a Lockheed L-749 that had been given as a gift to the Emperor, who declined it.. Ethiopian paid US$1.6 million for this airframe, and it was incorporated into the fleet on 4 jun; the aircraft resulted destroyed by fire on 10 Jul in an accident in Sudan..Port Sudan was removed from the list of destinations on 1 March 1960.. The airline had its first fatal accident on 15 July when a DC-3 crashed en route from Bulchi to Jimma, killing the pilot..A Convair 240 was sold to Allied Stores of Israel on 18 July..The first East–West link made by an African airline started on 8 November, when the Addis Ababa–Acra–Lagos–Monrovia route was launched using DC-6B equipment..The second fatal accident took place on 5 September 1961 when another DC-3 crashed shortly after takeoff from Sendafar; a flight attendant and 4 passengers lost their lives in the accident..On 30 November 1963, the airline lost another DC-3 (ET-AAT) in a test flight at Addis Ababa; the crew of 3 suffered minor injuries.. Rome became served for the first time on 5 June 1964 on a weekly basis; the flight was routed via either Khartoum or Athens as part of a pool agreement with Alitalia...

Also in the early 1960s, the carrier provided some initial aviation support to the Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission in its operation to acquire topographic maps of Ethiopia..Two Boeing 720Bs were acquired from Continental Airlines in 1973.. In 1975, the carrier ordered 5 Dash 7s.. By then, Ethiopian Airlines had ended its 30-year relationship with TWA..The DHC-5 Buffalo entered Ethiopian's fleet in the early 80's..In 1990, Ethiopian became the first passenger airline in taking delivery of the Boeing 757 Freighter, receiving the first of 5 Boeing 757-200s a year later..In the late 90's the carrier saw the incorporation of Copenhagen and Maputo to its international network, as well as New York City and Washington as transatlantic destinations; the frequent flyer programme, named "Sheba Miles" after the legendary Queen of Sheba, was launched too.. In 98, the airline disrupted their flights to the Eritrean capital Asmara after a war erupted between the two countries..In late September 2010, Ethiopian Airlines was officially invited to join Star Alliance under the mentoring of Lufthansa..Despite the violent overthrow of the communist government by the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front in 1991, the airline managed to post a profit for the fiscal year..Ethiopian Airlines currently has its head office at Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa, but intends to build a new head office facility..Ethiopian Airlines' Business Class is named Cloud Nine.. Passengers travelling in this class are provided with onboard amenities and a wide variety of reading material..On routes operated with Boeing 777-200LR equipment passengers are provided with sleeper seats and on-demand audio and chillum services, with 85 channels on 15.4 inch IFE screens..Fleet size 77 Destinations 101 (Passenger)-23 (Cargo)..

The Semiens are remarkable as being one of the few spots in Africa where snow regularly falls.. First mentioned in the Monumentum Adulitanum of the 4th century AD (which described them as "inaccessible mountains covered with snow" and where soldiers walked up to their knees in snow), the presence of snow was undeniably witnessed by the 17th century Jesuit priest Jerónimo Lobo..He took part in the unsuccessful efforts to convert Ethiopia from the native Ethiopian church to Roman Catholicism until the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1643..Despite their ruggedness and altitude, the mountains are dotted with villages linked by tracks.. Historically they were inhabited by Ethiopian Jews (the Beta Israel), who after repeated attacks by the zealous Christian Emperors in the 15th century withdrew from the province of Dembiya into the more defensible Semien mountains..Ras Dashen (alternatively Ras Dashan or Ras Dejen Ge'ez ራስ ዳሸን rās dāshen or ራስ ደጀን rās dejen, Amh. "head guard") is the highest mountain in Ethiopia and 10th highest mountain of Africa..The more common form, "Ras Dashen" is a corruption of its Amharic name, "Ras Dejen", used by the system of the Ethiopian Mapping Authority (EMA) which means "the general who fights in front of the Emperor"..

The Ethiopian Red Terror, or Qey Shibir (also Key Shibbir, etc., Amharic: ቀይ ሽብር ḳäy šəbbər; 1977–1978), was a violent political campaign in Ethiopia and Eritrea that most visibly took place after Communist Mengistu Haile Mariam achieved control of the Derg, the military junta, on 3 February 1977. In December 2006, Mengistu Haile Mariam was convicted in absentia for his role in the Red Terror while leader of Ethiopia.. It is estimated that between 30,000 and 500,000 people were killed over the course of the Red Terror.. Although an unsuccessful attempt to kill Mengistu on 23 September was attributed to the EPRP, the first prominent victim of the EPRP's terror was Dr. Feqre Mar'ed, a member of the Political Bureau and All-Ethiopia Socialist Movement (MEISON), another Marxist-Leninist party..

1972 April 18-Time: 09:39 Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia-The aircraft broke-up after overrunning the runway and an aborted takeoff. Partial loss of braking power due to the incorrect reassembly and repairs of the braking system..Aboard:107(passengers:96 crew:11)Fatalities:43 (passengers:35 crew:8)/September 10 -Gondar Douglas C-47D - Crashed near Gondar when one wing separated from the fuselage. The aircraft was some 35 minutes into the flight, operating a domestic scheduled Axum–Gondar passenger service\December 8- Addis Ababa Boeing 720B -Se7en Eritrean hijackers belonging to the Eritrean Liberation Front attempted to hijack Flight 708 on its first leg, en route a scheduled Addis Ababa–Asmara–Athens–Rome–Paris flight.. After a grenade was activated while security officials opened fire at the hijackers, it exploded and damaged the rudder controls.. The pilots managed to land the aircraft safely at Addis Ababa.. Neither the passengers nor the crew were harmed, but the aircraft sustained substantial damage..6 of the hijackers were shot dead on board, while the remaining one died in a hospital..The aircraft was later repaired... okay.. Listen.. Take some knowledge.. We're about to board a se7en-hour flight..Look, I know this sounds crazy but... you guys all heard about Flight 2323, right?..

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