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My old service number is the same rearranged apart from the 7 in the first 4 digits...
The Prime Minister of Italy, officially the President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic (Italian: Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri della Repubblica Italiana) is the head of government of the Italian Republic..The office was first established in 1848 in Italy's predecessor state, the Kingdom of Sardinia—although it was not mentioned in the constitution, the Albertine Statute.. From 1848 to 1861 ten Prime Ministers governed the kingdom, most of them being right-wing politicians..After the Unification of Italy and the establishment of the kingdom, the procedure did not change. In fact the candidate for office was appointed by the king, and presided over a very unstable political system...'re a clever bag of tricks, you are, Roberts..Not inside glasshouse half an hour and you use your bloody influence to get us a ride on the hill...

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