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Arrow Bam Stoker

Obelisk, Stoke Park, Stapleton, Bristol ..
Stoke Park is a public open space of 108 hectares (270 acres) in Bristol, EnGland.. It occupies a prominent position on the eastern flanks of Purdown, alongside the M32 motorway, together with the landmark Dower House and Purdown transmitter..Bristol City Council plan to keep a herd of organic Dexter cattle in the park, both as a supply of beef and as an educational resource..The Dower House is one Bristol's more prominent landmarks, set on a hill above the M32(3+2=5) motorway on the main approach into the city, and painted bright yellow.. The house was built in 1553 by Sir Richard Berkeley.. It has also been used as part of Stoke Park Hospital.. The house closed as a hospital in 1985, and has since been converted into flats..Within Stoke Park are two small lakes, the largest of which is Duchess Pond..An Egyptian Goose was seen here in 2006 and a Bittern in 2014.. The woods contain the Beaufort Memorial, the cold bath, a stone tunnel, and a partially derelict stone tunnel with rusticated entrance arches, all also Grade II listed...

Purdown BT Tower used for broadcasting radio stations..

Stoke Park Hospital, was a large mental handicap hospital, closed circa 1997, situated on the north-west edge of Bristol, England, just within South Gloucestershire..Most patients were long-term residents, both adults and children of all ages. A school was on-site. Prior to 1950, it was known as the Stoke Park Colony, which was founded in 1909..The associated Burden Neurological Hospital was formed in 1969..The Institute continues to operate at Frenchay Hospital as a charity..The Hospital Advisory Service visited in 1971 and wrote a damning report on the terrible conditions at Stoke Park.. The report was leaked by hospital staff to the press and the BBC, and raised in parliament..Stapleton's church is a prominent Bristol landmark, visible from the M32 motorway as motorists exit the city..Junction 2 of this motorway is just south of the village and provides convenient access to the M4 and M5 motorways, respectively 4 and se7en kilometres from the junction...Coal was mined in the area, there being some 70 pits by 1700, and vast numbers of local men were employed throughout the 18th century.. In the 1890s, the mines produced a thousand tons per day..In 1863 a cricket club was formed, its most famous player being Dr. William Gilbert Grace who played for Gloucestershire and England.. At Purdown a football team called the Black Arabs were to become Bristol Rovers..(Purdown is reputedly haunted by the ghost Duchess of Beaufort who was struck by lightning,though many believe she died in a tragic horse riding accident)..Church of Holy Trinity..There has been a Church on this site for at least 500 years..Pennant stone from the local Broom Hill quarry, was used in the construction, with Bath Stone dressings..East Window The 5 principal lights show the Crucifixion...,_Bristol these books have a special importance for you not connected with a general study of religion, obviously..The absence of dust on the cover would tend to confirm this hypothesis...

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