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Arrow Sacred Band

Hellenic Army Seal..

Emblem of the 1st Raider/Paratrooper Brigade..
The nucleus of the Raider units was the Sacred Company (Ieros Lochos), a Free Greek unit of commandos attached to the Allied 1st Special Air Service (1 SAS) Brigade during the Second World War.. Its members consisted of mainly officers and NCOs who had fled to North Africa after the fall of Greece to Axis forces.. After its formation in 1942, the Sacred Company, also known as the Sacred Band, along with a unit of Free French troops and British commandos, formed the basis of L Detachment, a component of the SAS which specialised in hit-and-run raids on Axis airfields, ports and fuel dumps throughout North Africa..The Sacred Company was later transferred to the Greek theatre of operations, where they recaptured several eastern Aegean islands from Axis forces.. After the liberation of Greece from German occupation, a proposal was made for the reformation of the Hellenic Armed Forces under British guidance.. This proposal included the establishment of a small, highly trained, special warfare unit..All members of the Brigade wear the unit insignia depicting a winged sword, representative of the "deadly, silent and swift" nature of special forces operations..Motto Ο Tολμών Nικά..The unit flash is emblazoned with ΔΥΝΑΜΕΙΣ ΚΑΤΑΔΡΟΜΩΝ (Raider Forces).. While on operation, low-visibility patches are worn..All Raiders wear the green beret with the national emblem on the left...

Hellenic SF - Darth From Above..

The agency's motto is "λόγων απορρήτων εκφοράν μη ποιού" (translated roughly as "do not discuss confidential affairs"), a quote of the Ancient Greek philosopher Periandros.. The total number of people working for the agency is unknown and remains classified; the Greek media usually give figures of around 3,000..After the fall of the Papadopoulos regime, and the establishment of a democratic republic in 1975, the LOK were dismantled and re-formed as the Raider Forces (Greek: Δυνάμεις Kαταδρομών), and placed under the command of the Hellenic Army's Special Forces Command (Greek: Διοίκηση Ειδικών Δυνάμεων)..A further restructuring of the Greek Army in 1996 saw the amalgamation of all Raider Forces regiments into the current Brigade formation..1st Raider/Paratrooper Brigade soldiers wear the standard-issue Greek Lizard camouflage BDUs of the Hellenic Army.. Members of the Special Paratrooper Unit (ETA) and Z' MAK may occasionally wear non-standard issue BDUs, depending on mission requirements..They also have powerful sense impressions and feelings, and appear sometimes to share thoughts in a near-telepathic way.. As the novel progresses it becomes more and more apparent that they live very simply, using their considerable mental abilities to connect to one another without extensive vocabulary or the kinds of memories that create culture..Those who plot the destruction of others often perish in the attempt... midnight the rain ceased and the clouds drifted away, so that the sky was scattered once more with the incredible lamps of stars...

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