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Lightbulb Oculi omnium in te sperant Domine

Former Arms of the Open University ..

Elis Regina - Poema de Amor (Remasterizado Completo) 1962...
Despite periodic changes to the sets, studio layout, and presentation, University Challenge has evolved in a manner which has preserved a remarkably high level of continuity from 1962 to the present..The current holders are Trinity College, Cambridge, who won the 43rd series in 2014.. Some commentators have cited this as an essential element of its success..Gascoigne was born in London and educated at Sunningdale School in Berkshire before winning scholarships to both Eton College (also in Berkshire), and Magdalene College, Cambridge (1955), where he read English literature... After National Service in the Grenadier Guards he became a theatre critic.. It was filmed at Granada Studios in Manchester from its inception until the studios closed down in 2013; it is now filmed at MediaCityUK in Salford..

Trinity has many college societies, including the Trinity Mathematical Society, which is the oldest mathematical university society in the United Kingdom..Lord Byron purportedly kept a pet bear whilst living in the college..There are a number of memorials to former Fellows of Trinity within the Chapel, including statues, brasses, and two memorials to graduates and Fellows who died during the World Wars...Another tradition relates to an artificial duck known as the Mallard, which should reside in the rafters of the Great Hall.. Students occasionally moved the duck from one rafter to another without permission from the college..Teams consist of 4 members and represent either a single university or a college of the universities which teach under a collegiate system..The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge could each enter as separate teams up to 5 of their constituent colleges, which are not themselves universities: they have far fewer students - numbering in the hundreds rather than thousands - than most universities.. This was the ostensible inspiration for an unusual 1975 protest.. A team from the Victoria University of Manchester (which included David Aaronovitch) answered every question "Che Guevara", "Marx", "Trotsky" or "Lenin", possibly in the hope of making the resulting show unbroadcastable.. It did, however, get broadcast, although only portions of the episode still exist in the archives of Granada TV..The 14 first-round winners progress directly to the last 16..Sixth Form Challenge, hosted by Chris Kelly, appeared briefly between 65 and 67..The sixth form contestants represented leading public schools and grammar schools..The lowest score during the Professionals series was achieved by the House of Commons team, who scored 25..No. of episodes 1608..

Scene from If...

Year 1608 (MDCVIII) was a leap year starting on Tuesday of the Gregorian calendar and a leap year starting on Friday of the 10-day slower Julian calendar..

January -At Jamestown, Virginia, Christopher Newport returns in a ship with the First Supply and about 100 new settlers; he finds only 38 survivors-Powhatan releases Captain John Smith-7 – Fire destroys "all the houses in the fort" at Jamestown; the fort is repaired in March-8 – Ensign Thomas Savage arrives in Jamestown with the First Supply under Christopher Newport/May 14 - The Protestant Union is founded in Auhausen-19 -Matthias von Habsburgs army reaches Lieben, at Prague-28 - Claudio Monteverdi's "Arianna" premieres in Mantua\Jun 1 - Valse Dimitri forms his 2nd Russian anti-government/July – The English ship Mary and Margaret, captained by Christopher Newport, leaves England bound for Jamestown, Virginia- 3 – Quebec City is founded by Samuel de Champlain\Aug 13 - John Smith's story of Jamestown's first days submitted for publication-24 – The first official English representative to India, Captain William Hawkins, lands at Surat/September 10 – John Smith is elected council president of Jamestown, and begins expanding the fort-21 – The University of Oviedo, Spain is founded-29 - Captain Newport arrives from England with supplies for colonists\October 1 – At Jamestown, a second supply ship, the Mary and Margaret, arrives with Christopher Newport, including 70 settlers, bringing the population back up to 120; the passengers include 8 glassmen-2 – Dutch lens maker Hans Lippershey demonstrates the first telescope in the Dutch parliament/December – Jamestown: Christopher Newport returns to England carrying cargo with "tryals of Pitch, Tarre, Glasse, Frankincense, Sope Ashes "..16 x 8 = 128/12+8= 20...

The Fellows’ Bowling Green is located behind the Master's Lodge it is the site for many of the tutors' garden parties in the summer months, while the Master's Garden is located behind the Master's Lodge..Point Mallard Park is a park in Decatur, Alabama, United States that sits on 500 acres (2.0 km2) of the Flint Creek shoreline..Decatur is a city in Morgan and Limestone counties in the State of Alabama..The next year Mallard sailed for Coco Solo, her new home port, for patrol off Panama, where she remained throughout World War II attached to Submarine Squadron 3..The Napier Cub was an unusual and very large experimental 1,000 horsepower (750 kW) 16-cylinder 'X' pattern liquid-cooled aero engine built by the British engine company Napier & Son.. First flown on 15 December 1922 in an Avro Aldershot biplane bomber aircraft, the only other application was in the Blackburn Cubaroo..Ford, as an X-8 prototype during the 1920s that led the way to the company's eventual Flathead V-8..Most examples of X engines are from the World War II era, and were designed for large military aircraft... now and then we used to meet- passing unforgetable hours together..The sea is calm you said..Peaceful..Calm above, but below a world of gliding monsters preying on their fellows..The paths of X-perimentation twist and turn through mountains of miscalculations and often lose themselves in error and darkness!..

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