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Lightbulb Rusty Bridge

Coat of arms of Zamoskvorechye District..

Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future..
Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge (Большой Москворецкий мост) is a concrete arch bridge that spans the Moskva River in Moscow, Russia, immediately east of the Moscow Kremlin.. The bridge connects Red Square with Bolshaya Ordynka street in Zamoskvorechye. Built in 1936-1937, it was designed by V. S. Kirillov (structural engineering) and Alexey Shchusev (architectural design)..Wooden bridges east of the Kremlin have existed since the 15th century, as witnessed by Venetian Ambrosio de Contarini, who travelled through Moscow in 1476..The first permanent Moskvoretsky bridge was built in 1829, about 50 meters west of the present site..The bridge burnt down in 1871; after the fire, steel arches and decking were installed on the old abutments..The main arch of the current bridge consists of 3 concrete boxes, 92 meters long and 6.1 meters high..Although it is a concrete structure, Alexey Shchusev finished the bridge in pink granite slabs to create the illusion that the bridge is actually built in stone...

Rust's Cessna 172, resting in Red Square some time after his landing..

On 27 May 1987 German aviator Mathias Rust landed on the bridge..On 27 February 2015 opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was assassinated while crossing this bridge..

Rust, aged 18, was an inexperienced pilot, with about 50 hours of flying experience at the time of his flight.. On 13 May 1987, Rust left Uetersen near Hamburg and his home town Wedel in his rented Reims Cessna F172P D-ECJB, which was modified by removing some of the seats and replacing them with auxiliary fuel tanks.. He spent the next 2 weeks traveling across Northern Europe, visiting the Faroe islands, spending a week in Iceland, and then visiting Bergen on his way back..In the morning of 28 May 1987, Rust refueled at Helsinki-Malmi Airport.. He told air traffic control that he was going to Stockholm, and took off at 12:21 p.m. However, immediately after his final communication with traffic control he turned his plane to the east..Rust crossed the Baltic coastline over Estonia and turned towards Moscow.. At 14:29 he appeared on Soviet Air Defense (PVO) radar and, after failure to reply to an IFF signal, was assigned combat number 8255..After circling about the square, he was able to land on a bridge by St. Basil's Cathedral.. A later inquiry found that trolley wires normally strung over the bridge—which would have incidentally prevented his landing there—had been removed for maintenance that very morning, and were replaced the day after..A British doctor videotaped Rust circling over Red Square and landing on the bridge..First flown in 1955,more Cessna 172s have been built than any other aircraft..

1739 map. River level shown at a summer low: old river bed dried out, leaving isolated patches of mud...

Shchusev embarked upon his most wide-scale project in 1913, when his design for the Kazan Railway Station won a contest for a Moscow terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway.. This Art Nouveau design fused elements of the Kremlin towers and traditional Tatar architecture in one of the most imaginative Revivalist designs ever put to execution..Garden Ring is a direct descendant of the Skorodom (Скородом, literally Quick Building) and Earth Rampart (Земляной Вал, Zemlyanoy Val) fortifications, erected in the reign of Feodor I of Russia after a disastrous raid by Ğazı II Giray (1591).. Although Boris Godunov, de facto regent of Russia, prevented Crimeans from taking the city north of Moskva River, he anticipated future raids and arranged construction of another defence ring..In 1922, Bolshevik administration closed and looted 22 churches in Zamoskvorechye and Yakimanka; more destruction followed, leaving only 1 operational church in each district..17 religious buildings survived to date, including a church of Novozybkov Bespopovtsy (an Old Believers denomination) and the Historical Mosque (est. 1823)..In 1941, residents of Zamoskvorechye formed the Twelfth Militia Division of Kirovsky District (дивизия народного ополчения Кировского района).. Later renamed the 139th Rifle Division, this unit fought at Yelnya Offensive and at Mozhaisk Defense Line.. Few survived..Vodootvodny Canal ( Водоотводный канал, "water bypass canal") is a 4 kilometre long, 30-60 metre wide canal in downtown Moscow, Russia... who's playing Tsar Boris?.What Tsar Boris? Boriska?.What is it?.Boriska is to become a tsar?.Folks, keep your money in a bank.. Naturally..if you have it!..

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