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Ernest Gold: "Exodus" (1960) - Original Main Theme..
On VE Day, 1st Airborne Division was ordered to Norway to accept the surrender of the 400,000 German soldiers there. After VJ Day 9th Airborne Squadron went to Palestine with the 6th Airborne Division.. The squadron had a difficult time in Palestine, being sent to clear the King David Hotel in Jerusalem after a horrific bomb attack. In Palestine the squadron lost 3 men killed in action..9 Independent Airborne Squadron RE accompanied the Division to Germany, returning to the UK in 1950, since when the squadron has served on active service in countries such as Egypt, Cyprus, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Aden, Radfan, Borneo, Rhodesia as well as 6 full tours and 2 spearhead tours of duty in Northern Ireland(6+2=8).....

King David Hotel after bomb attack..

In 1976, 16 Independent Parachute Brigade disbanded and 9 Independent Parachute Squadron RE lost its independence and became part of 36 Engineer Regiment, based at Maidstone.. 9 Parachute Squadron RE, as it was now called, was to remain in Aldershot to support the Parachute Battalions.. In April 1982, the squadron embarked for the Falkland Islands as part of 5 Infantry Brigade.. In true sapper tradition, the squadron was involved in the thick of the action from clearing minefields to repairing bridges.. Sergeant Ron Wrega, Sergeant Pete Colclough and Corporal John Foran won the Military Medal during the conflict...

The King David Hotel (Hebrew: מלון המלך דוד‎ Malon ha-Melekh David فندق الملك داود‎) is a 5-star hotel in Jerusalem.. Opened in 1931, the hotel was built with locally quarried pink limestone and was founded by Ezra Mosseri, a wealthy Egyptian Jewish banker.. It is located on King David Street in the centre of Jerusalem, overlooking the Old City and Mount Zion..From its earliest days, the King David Hotel hosted royalty: the dowager empress of Persia, queen mother Nazli of Egypt and King Abdullah I of Jordan stayed at the hotel, and three heads of state forced to flee their countries took up residence there: King Alfonso XIII of Spain, forced to abdicate in 1931, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, driven out by the Italians in 1936, and King George II of Greece who set up his government in exile at the hotel after the Nazi occupation of his country in 1942.. During the British Mandate, the southern wing of the hotel was turned into a British administrative and military headquarters..Today, the King David Hotel is part of the Dan Hotel Chain, and a member of The Leading Hotels of the World and continues to accommodate foreign heads of state and diplomats visiting Israel. Amongst the hotel's more famous guests are King George V; Jordan’s King Hussein; U.S. Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama; British Prime Ministers Winston Churchill, Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, and Tony Blair; the Prince of Wales; Elizabeth Taylor; Richard Dreyfus; Richard Gere; Madonna; and Hillary Rodham Clinton... you crazy?. Nobody gets to meet the Duke..You meet him once and then you're darthed!..Brain? Brain, I brought somebody to see you...

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