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The Stranglers - Nice in Nice...
René Cogny (25 April 1904, Saint-Valery-en-Caux – 11 September 1968) was a French Général de division, World War II and French Resistance veteran and survivor of Buchenwald and Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camps..He was a commander of the French forces in Tonkin (northern Vietnam) during the First Indochina War, and notably during the Battle of Dien Bien Phu. His post-war private and legal conflict with superior General Henri Navarre became a public controversy. Known to his men as Le General Vitesse (General Hurry-Up), and reputable for his military pomp, physical presence and skill with the press, Cogny was killed when Air France Flight 1611 crashed in the Mediterranean near Nice..The Caravelle was one of the most successful European first-generation jetliners, selling throughout Europe and even penetrating the United States market, with an order for 20 from United Airlines-First flight 27 May 1955..A radio programme broadcast by BBC Radio 4 on 26 November 2007 advanced the theory that the accident was the result of a missile strike or bomb..On 10 May 2011 Michel Laty, a former army typist, alleged on French television channel TF1 that he saw a report indicating a missile, misfired by the French army during a weapon test, in fact caused the crash..

French milice and résistants, in July 1944..

Cogny commanded a French division in Tonkin and a Groupe Mobile in the Red River Delta.. Henri Navarre later offered him command of the Forces Terrestres du Nord Viêtnam (North Vietnam Ground Forces, or FTNV), and he oversaw the French efforts in the Delta until the end of the war..After Indochina, Cogny went on to become a Lieutenant General.. In January 1957, an assassination attempt on General Raoul Salan in Algeria was revealed to have been executed by a former French paratrooper intending to have Salan replaced by Cogny, who nevertheless went on to become commander of French forces in Central Africa by 1963...

In June 1940, he was one of 780,000 soldiers captured by the German army as it circumvented the Maginot Line. He was held in captivity for almost a year before he escaped in May by crawling naked through a drain pipe with 3 companions, pushing their disguises out in front of them..Cogny moved back to Vichy France through Bavaria in 1941 to join the Armistice Army and the underground French Resistance..In 1943, now a Major, Cogny was again arrested by the Gestapo and underwent 6 months of interrogation and torture in Frennes prison before being sent to Buchenwald, and later Mauthausen, concentration camps.. Cogny was liberated in April 1945 in a poor state of health.. Divisional general is a rank of general in command of a division..Examples would include the Spanish general de división, the French général de division and the Polish generał dywizji.. For convenience such ranks are often translated into English as "major-general", the equivalent rank used by most English-speaking nations.. This equates to the NATO code of OF-7, or a "2-star rank"..Though he did recover from being a "walking skeleton", his severe limp would require the use of a cane for the rest of his life...'s strange that we've never read of this in the newspapers..Well..that's newspapers for you, ma'am.. You could fill volumes with what you don't read in them...

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