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Default Adam Gadahan Jewish leader of IS

This is Adam Gadahan number 2, some analysts say number 1 in IS (al kieda)

He's had an interesting life. Born a Jew ,Adam Pearlman, grandson of the former head of the ADL (Jewish organisation to combat anti antisemitism).
He hated Moslems so much , he was arrested repeatedly in California, for going to mosques and attacking them .

Then he grew a (longer) beard , and became a leader of the radical Moslems.

All the photos in the above montage are of Adam Pearlman/Gadahan

Here he is on Youtube, inciting Moslems in America to carry out terrorist attacks in the US. .... This is the same Youtube who take down many Alex Jones videos, exposing all this.

So how is it possible IS can be led by a Jewish Mossad agent !!!!

Control of the media, and everybody is distracted, doing something more interesting. Also the bigger, more outrageous the fraud, the harder it is for people to believe.

I think it was Mr Crowley who said .."My people perish for lack of knowledge".

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