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Arrow Pushing the Senses

People & Power: Justice & Robert McCartney Pt 1 ..
The murder of Robert McCartney (1971 – 31 January 2005) occurred in Belfast, Northern Ireland, allegedly carried out by members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.. He was a father of two children and was engaged to be married in June 2005 to his longtime partner, Bridgeen Hagans.. He was a Roman Catholic and lived in the predominantly nationalist Short Strand area of east Belfast, and was said by his family to be a supporter of Sinn Féin..Robert McCartney was involved in an altercation in "Magennis' Bar" on May Street in Belfast's city centre on the night of 30 January 2005..What happened next was witnessed by 72 people, all of whom would later maintain they saw nothing.. He was found unconscious with stab wounds in Cromac Street by a police patrol car; he died in hospital the following morning..the killing, which occurred after republicans from the Market, Lower Ormeau and Short Strand areas of the city had returned from a Bloody Sunday commemoration.. McCartney was 33 years old...

The fight arose when his friend, Brendan Devine, was accused of making an insulting gesture or comment to a woman in the Co social club.. When Devine refused to accept this or apologise, a brawl began.. McCartney, who was attempting to defend Devine, was attacked with a broken bottle and then dragged into Verner Street, beaten with metal bars and stabbed.. Devine also suffered a knife attack, but survived.. The throats of both men had been cut and McCartney's wounds included the loss of an eye and a large blade wound running from his chest to his stomach.. Devine was hospitalised under armed protection..On 27 June 2008 Terence Davison was found not guilty of committing the murder..When Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) officers arrived at the scene, their efforts to investigate the pub and surrounding area were met with an impromptu riot..

Bloody Sunday: Row over memorial window at Londonderry's Guildhall..

When the police launched the murder investigation they were met with a "wall of silence"; none of the estimated seventy or so witnesses to the altercation came forward with information..This is not an unusual attitude among Irish nationalists, who have mixed views of the new police force.. In conversations with family members, seventy-one potential witnesses claimed to have been in the pub's toilets at the time of the attacks.. As the toilet measures just four feet by three feet, this led to the toilets being dubbed the TARDIS, after the time machine in the TV series Doctor Who, which is much bigger on the inside than on the outside..On 5 May 2005, Terence Davison and James McCormick were remanded in custody, charged with murdering McCartney and attempting to murder Devine respectively.. McCormick is originally from England.. They were held in the Republican wing of Maghaberry prison..

In November 2005, the McCartney sisters and Bridgeen Hagans, the former partner of Robert McCartney, refused to accept the Outstanding Achievement award at The Women of the Year Awards, because it would have meant their sharing a platform with Margaret Thatcher, a hated figure in the Irish republican community..As of 2007, the family were in contact with the family of Joseph Rafferty of Dublin, who died in similar circumstances..On 12 April 2005, Rafferty was murdered.. He was shot twice with a sawn-off shotgun, once in the leg and once in the chest, as he left his flat in Ongar, Dublin to go to work..The Internal Security Unit (ISU) was the name given to the counter-intelligence and interrogation unit of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA).. This unit was often referred to as the Nutting Squad...

January 30 – A Royal Air Force Lockheed C-130K Hercules C3 is shot down in Iraq a few minutes after takeoff from Baghdad, killing all 10 people on board. It is the British military's largest loss of life in a single incident during Operation Telic– The first free Parliamentary elections in Iraq since 1958 take place/31 -The Very Best of East Se7enteen was released ... the operational funds box we will deposit 250,000 American dollars.. You take it out - we put more in.. I want receipts!.You are not working for the Baron Rothschild!..
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